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The Bible and Astronomy: An Exposition of the Biblical Cosmology

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The Bible and Astronomy is a post-Enlightenment-era reconciliation between modern science and conservative theology. Drawing thoroughly from Scripture and building on the theological writings of Johannes von Hofmann, John H. A. Ebrard, J. P. Lange, and Franz Delitzsch, this work shows the central position of the earth in the universe and how the universe, by and large, is subservient to the completion of man’s salvation. Kurtz also wrote numerous periodical articles on the subject, focusing on where the theology of the Old Testament was at odds with geophysical and astronomical scientific progress. This third edition takes the findings of his articles and synthesizes them with his previous editions. Discover the historical dialogue concerning the Creation story and the theology of the heavens in this thoroughly researched volume.

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  • A biblical response to questions raised after the Enlightenment
  • Theological discussion of astronomical phenomena
  • An insightful look at the cosmological and geophysical sciences of the nineteenth century
  • Chapter 1: Theology and Natural Science
  • Chapter 2: The Deistic and Pantheistic Theories of the World
  • Chapter 3: A Universal History of the Cosmos
  • Chapter 4: The Biblical Theory of the Origin, Development, and Consummation of the Universe
  • Chapter 5: Astronomical Investigations and Results
  • Chapter 6: Conflict and Harmony between the Bible and Astronomy
[The Bible and Astronomy] of Dr. Kurtz, now translated, first appeared some fifteen years ago. Having been well received, it has gone through three editions in Germany, of which the last has been much amplified, in many parts re-written. . . . the work is one of a superior order, both in those portions in which the results of astronomical observation are brought down to our own day, and in many of those which grapple with controversial questions.

The Westminster Review, vol. 68

Dr. Kurtz, theological professor in Dorpat, is a very voluminous, and at the same time a very careful writer. What is still better, he is a thoroughly evangelical right-hearted man, whose reverence for the word of God is as profound as his study of it is exact. . . . His Bible and Astronomy has been very much valued in Germany, as being the best attempt to solve the great questions which science has raised upon the Mosaic account of the Creation.

The London Review

  • Title: The Bible and Astronomy: An Exposition of the Biblical Cosmology
  • Author: John Henry Kurtz
  • Translator: T. D. Simonton
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publisher: Lindsay and Blakiston
  • Publication Date: 1857
  • Pages: 527

Johann Heinrich Kurtz (December 13, 1809 – April 26, 1890) was a German Lutheran theologian. Kurtz was born in Monschau near Aachen and educated at Halle and Bonn. Abandoning the idea of a commercial career, he gave himself to the study of theology and became religious instructor at the gymnasium of Mitau in 1835, and ordinary professor of theology at Dorpat. He resigned his chair in 1870 and went to live at Marburg.