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Philosophy and Methodology Bible-Based Hermeneutics
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Philosophy and Methodology Bible-Based Hermeneutics


Foundation for Biblical Research 2007

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Bible-Based Hermeneutics is an introductory resource designed to assist in the analytical, word-by-word interpretation of Scripture. This hermeneutical approach asserts that every word used in every passage of Scripture must be studied. Each word has a distinct characteristic, a specific meaning, and must be defined with proper consideration given for its complete grammar. The objective of this resource is for its reader to learn how to reach accurate conclusions and substantiate them solely from Scripture. In order to comprehend God’s Word in depth, it is important to attempt to discover, as completely as possible, what was in the Author’s mind, that is, to know what the biblical passage means by discovering the specific meaning of each word that is used. Bible-Based Hermeneutics intends to provide the methods to achieve the goal of determining the most precise meaning of God’s Word.

The need for a Bible-based hermeneutics is based on the fact that Scripture was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, not in English, Latin, or German. Because of the difficulty in translating these ancient languages into modern vernacular, it is safe to say that no current Bible translation has been able to convey exactly what God has said or interpret precisely what He meant. For example, the Greek word kerusso is translated ‘to preach,’ but the Greek word specifically means “to announce or make known publicly by a herald.” This certainly conveys a different image of the word ‘preach’ when we learn its precise meaning. The rules of hermeneutics as presented in this resource will enable you to begin discovering God’s Word layer upon layer, using a Bible-based method that will help you obtain the most accurate interpretation of Scripture possible.

Praise for the Print Edition

How to interpret the Bible is an ongoing issue among believers today. Whose interpretation is correct? How do we know? What qualifications are needed to interpret the Bible correctly? What is the difference between revelation, inspiration, and illumination? What steps should be followed in exegeting a Bible passage? These and other questions are discussed discreetly in this work by a long-time student of the Scriptures. This work is a helpful introductory tool to Bible interpretation.

Roy B. Zuck, former editor, Bibliotheca Sacra

How should Christians study the Bible? This question has enormous implications. Rick Fugate has put into our hands a book that challenges our comfort zones, consistently pointing us back to Scripture itself for answers. The author’s commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture, literal interpretation, inerrancy, and the original languages, as well as to a clear distinction between Israel and the Church and ‘true grace’ are laid out as presuppositions that can be biblically validated. May all students profit from this challenge to search the Scriptures.

—George Meisinger, president, Chafer Theological Seminary

Far from being dry doctrine, this book addresses topics too often neglected in our churches.

—Paul A. Miller, founding director, The GRAMCORD Institute

Product Details

  • Title: Philosophy and Methodology Bible-Based Hermeneutics
  • Author: J. Richard Fugate
  • Publisher: The Foundation for Biblical Research
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 135

About J. Richard Fugate

J. Richard Fugate is the founder and director of the Foundation for Biblical Research (FBR). Its goal is to perform technical research in the Scripture’s original languages. Soon after his commitment to God, Mr. Fugate was called as Business Manager and later Vice President of Finance for Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.). In 1975, Mr. and Mrs. Fugate were led to start a Christian school in Garland, Texas based on their experience of home schooling their own children for two years. In 1978, Mr. Fugate began consulting part time with Alpha Omega Publications (A.O.P.) in Phoenix, Arizona while he began FBR in Austin, Texas. In March of 1982 he was hired as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of A.O.P. Mr. Fugate has been a keynote speaker at over 40 state home school conventions over the years and has written three books on home schooling. In the mid 1990s, Mr. and Mrs. Fugate traveled around the country speaking on Biblical marriage, child training, and home schooling. Fugate served as Business Manager of Family Ministries from 2000 through 2004. While currently functioning as the Director of The Foundation for Biblical Research in Arizona, he continues to teach and write Biblical truths on the family and Christian maturity.

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