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History of the Franks
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History of the Franks


Columbia University Press 1916

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The History of the Franks is Gregory of Tours’ most notable work. This book details the history of the Franks beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve, quickly moving to the Christianization of Gaul, followed by the life of St. Martin of Tours, the conversion of the Franks, and the conquest of Gaul under Clovis. Gregory of Tours next recounts the history of the Frankish Kings, and his own family genealogy.

The latter chapters of this work are a personal narrative, as Gregory of Tours was well-connected and intimately knew four Frankish kings—Sigebert I, Chilperic I, Guntram, and Childebert II. The History of the Franks is valuable as both a history of kings, queens, and saints, as well as a detailed account of the cultures and customs of Merovingian Gaul.

With the Logos edition, this resource is fully integrated with the rest of your digital library. Events in this book are also tagged with Timeline events, activate the Timeline filter to see events from the History of the Franks within the larger context of church history.

This edition of History of the Franks provides translated selections from the original text. The omitted chapters are included in a summarized form.

Key Features

  • An eye-witness account of sixth-century life in Merovingian Gaul
  • An informative preface written by editor James T. Shotwell
  • Selections from Gregory of Tours’ Eight Books of Miracles

Product Details

  • Title: History of the Franks
  • Author: Gregory of Tours
  • Editor: James T. Shotwell
  • Translator: Ernest Brehaut
  • Publisher: Columbia University Press
  • Publication Date: 1916
  • Pages: 326

About Gregory of Tours

Gregory of Tours (AD 538–594) was born and grew up at Clermont in Auvergne in central Gaul. In AD 573, Gregory became the Bishop of Tours. His writings are a major contemporary source for Merovingian history.

About James T. Shotwell

James T. Shotwell (August 6, 1874–July 15, 1965) was born in Strathroy, Ontario. He received his bachelor of arts from the University of Toronto in 1898. He later obtained his doctorate from Columbia University in 1900. In 1908, he was appointed as full professor at Columbia University. Shotwell is best known for his work as a peace activist, and for his promotion of a declaration of human rights in the United Nations Charter. He was nominated for the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize.

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