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Right from the Start: Calling Evangelical Leadership to Faith in Genesis 1–2
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Right from the Start: Calling Evangelical Leadership to Faith in Genesis 1–2


David M. Fouts 2013

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In Right from the Start, Dave Fouts (ThD) takes us on a careful journey through the first two chapters of Genesis, calling us to faith in God’s power and wisdom displayed in the beginning of his authoritative word. Emphasizing that how you start determines how you finish, Fouts explains how a right understanding of the beginning of the Bible is an integral to forming sound theology. While affirming the value of science, Fouts cautions against an unhealthy emphasis of man’s reason over God’s revelation. Observing a growing trend, he voices concern over the tendency of seminaries and other organizations to abandon looking to the Bible for the last word. Throughout the book, Fouts presents a systematic defense of young earth, six-day creationism and outlines the ramifications of a wrong reading or neglect of these important chapters.

Logos seamlessly integrates Fouts’ studies with the rest of your library. Fouts’ meticulous work through the six days of creation are found alongside all of your commentaries and reference works. Reference and compare other apologetics texts from across your library. Scripture references appear on mouseover and link to your favorite translation and original-language texts, enabling you to follow along with biblical scholarship like never before.

Key Features

  • Defends a young earth and literal six-day creation
  • Provides exegesis of the first two chapters of the Bible
  • Outlines the theological implications of neglect or disbelief in the Bible’s creation account


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Authority of the Bible
  • Chapter 2: Revelation from God
  • Chapter 3: Consistency in Hermeneutics
  • Chapter 4: The Genre of Genesis One
  • Chapter 5: “In the Beginning”
  • Chapter 6: God Speaks and the Earth Is Changed
  • Chapter 7: The Creation Week Continues
  • Chapter 8: The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Days of Creation
  • Chapter 9: The Sixth Day
  • Chapter 10: The Insights of Chapter Two
  • Appendices

Product Details

  • Title: Right from the Start: Calling Evangelical Leadership to Faith in Genesis 1–2
  • Author: Dave Fouts
  • Publisher: Dave Fouts
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 208

About Dave Fouts

Dave Fouts received his ThM in Old Testament literature and exegesis in 1979 and his ThD in Old Testament studies in 1992, both from Dallas Theological Seminary. He was professor of Bible at Bryan College for 13 years. He has written numerous essays and articles on Old Testament exegesis and theological education.

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