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Gospel Typology in Joshua and Revelation
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Gospel Typology in Joshua and Revelation


St. Andrews House 2013

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The Church Fathers interpreted Joshua’s battle at Jericho as foretelling the end of the world. Did they understand something about prophecy we’ve forgotten?

A whore and her scarlet, two spies (witnesses) sent into the great city, seven trumpets sound, a great city falls, the people of God rescued. Is Joshua’s battle against Jericho the basis for nothing less than the dramatic narrative of the Book of Revelation?

This new work from author and teacher Warren A. Gage illuminates the connections between the books of Joshua and Revelation and emphasizes the presence of Joshua typology in the life of Jesus. Gage also discusses the typology of holy war in general and the battle at Jericho specifically, the typological prominence of Rahab in the New Testament, and specific connections between the texts of Joshua and Revelation.

The early Church Fathers understood the profound significance of the “Joshua” name of Jesus and viewed Joshua’s battle at Jericho as a prefiguration of Jesus’ battle against Jerusalem. However, modern Revelation scholarship has focused upon connections to Daniel, Ezekiel, and especially Isaiah. Gage brings the discussion back to the historical books, back to Joshua and the fundamental retelling of his narrative in Revelation.

The Logos Bible Software edition of the Gospel Typology in Joshua and Revelation is designed to enhance and accelerate your study of these books. Scripture passages link directly to your English translations and original-language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches by Scripture reference or topic to find what other authors, scholars, and theologians have to say about New Testament typology and the book of Revelation.

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Key Features

  • Examines the intertextual relationship between the books of Joshua and Revelation
  • Explains the Gospel themes in Joshua and why the Savior was named for Joshua
  • Analyzes the typology of Holy war and explains the prominence of Rahab in the New Testament


  • Joshua Typology in the New Testament
    • The Typological Prominence of Rahab in the New Testament
    • The Bloody Sword of Joshua: The Typology of Holy War
    • The Kerygmatic Imagination of St. John: Joshua Typology in the Book of Revelation
    • The Iconic Imagination of St. John and St. Matthew: Joshua Prefiguring the Lord Jesus
  • Christ Greater than Joshua: Meditations on the Book of Joshua

Praise for the Works of Warren A. Gage

For years, Warren Gage has refined a style of theological exegesis that is as deep as it is luminous. He skillfully combines keen literary analysis and spiritual discernment, along with a thorough understanding of God’s inspired Word and the great Christian tradition. Building on the interpretive approach and best insights of the early church fathers, Dr. Gage uses typology to lead his readers into the heart of sacred Scripture. What a great gift his works are for our time!

Scott W. Hahn, professor of theology and Scripture, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Dr. Warren A. Gage takes his readers by the heart to lead them into the wonderful world of typological exegesis. This particular field of theological study makes many demands upon the expositor, including: 1) a firm embrace of orthodox theology, 2) a comprehensive grasp of Scripture in both its broad strokes and in its fine verbal details of its original languages, 3) a lively imagination to see similarities in difference and verbal concordance, 4) and a prayerful, meditative spirit upon the Scripture. I know of no expositor that excels professor Gage in these qualities. I thank God for the marvelous gifts he has given to enrich his church through my colleague at Knox Seminary. His books are full of heart-warming reflections about Christ’s sufferings and glory that bind together God’s cosmic program of salvation.

Bruce K. Waltke, distinguished professor of Old Testament, Knox Theological Seminary

Product Details

  • Title: Gospel Typology in Joshua and Revelation: A Whore and Her Scarlet, Seven Trumpets Sound, A Great City Falls
  • Author: Warren A. Gage
  • Publisher: St. Andrews House
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 90

About Warren A. Gage

Warren A. Gage is the president of the Alexandrian Forum, a ministry dedicated to bringing in-depth biblical and classical education back to our churches and communities. Warren holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, a JD from Southern Methodist University, and a MA and PhD from the University of Dallas. Prior to his work for the Alexandrian Forum, he served as a professor of Old Testament and classical studies at Knox Theological Seminary. He is known for his advocacy of biblical typology and a literary approach to biblical exposition which demonstrates that all of Scripture points toward Christ.

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