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Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology
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Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology


T&T Clark 2011

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Widely considered the most important Orthodox theologian of the twentieth century, Dumitru Staniloae contributed significantly to an ecumenical understanding of ecclesiology, based on the doctrine of the Trinity. Because of his isolation by the Romanian Communist regime, his work still awaits its merited reception, especially given its potential contribution towards Christian unity.

In Staniloae's understanding the Church is a communion in the image of the Trinity. Because there is a continuum of grace between the Trinity and the Church, the same relationships that exist among trinitarian persons are manifested in creation in general, and the Church in particular. In this way, the Trinity fills the world and the Church, determining their mode of existence. Intratrinitarian relationships are manifested in the relationships between humankind and non-human creation, the Church and the world, local and universal aspects of the Church, clergy and the people, and among various charisms.

With the Logos edition of Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology, you get an abundance of applicable, insightful resources. You can easily research the theology of Dumitru Staniloae and access an assortment of useful resources and perspectives from a variety of pastors and theologians.

Key Features

  • Addresses the presence of each Trinitarian person in the Church
  • Presents Staniloae’s understanding of the Church as communion
  • Promotes the thought of Dumitru Staniloae


  • Part I: Ecumenical Ecclesiology
    • Open Sobornicity: Staniloae’s Interaction with the West
    • Filled with the Trinity: The Relationship between the Trinity and the Church
  • Part II: Filled With the Trinity
    • Adoptive Children of the Father: The Relationship between the Father and the Church
    • Body of Christ: The Relationship between the Son and the Church
    • Filled with the Spirit: The Relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Church
  • Part III: Communion Ecclesiology
    • Priesthood Toward Creation
    • The Priesthood of the Church: Communion between Clergy and the People
    • Locality and Universality: Eucharistic Ecclesiology

Praise for the Print Edition

Bordeianu’s book is an invaluable addition to the growing body of scholarship on the theology of the most important Romanian Orthodox theologian, the late Fr. Dumitru Staniloae. Through his vast knowledge of Staniloae’s corpus in its original language, but also his use of eastern and western scholarship and methodologies, Bordeianu argues convincingly that Staniloae accomplished a ‘neo-patristic synthesis,’ as proposed by another Orthodox theologian, Georges Florovsky, drawing on insights from the Church Fathers to provide answers to contemporary questions. Bordeianu also demonstrates that Staniloae’s theology can be used fruitfully in the ecumenical dialogue especially between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.

—Lucian Turcescu, professor of theology, Concordia University, Canada

In contemporary Orthodox theology, Dumitru Staniloae is one of the most profound and original Orthodox theologians, yet one of the most neglected. Radu Bordeianu offers the clearest and most thorough introduction to date of Staniloae’s theology, paving the way for the appropriation of Staniloae’s thought in theological discussions on Trinity, Christology, grace, theological anthropology, spirituality, eschatology, and ecclesiology. Bordeianu also convincingly shows how Staniloae’s understanding of the relation between the Trinity and the Church can constructively advance the ecumenical conversations on communion ecclesiology. Informative, constructive, and insightful throughout, this book is a must read for all Christian theologians.

—Aristotle Papanikolaou, associate professor of theology, Fordham University, USA.

Product Details

  • Title: Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology
  • Author: Radu Bordeianu
  • Series: Ecclesiological Investigations
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 240

About Radu Bordeianu

Radu Bordeianu is a Romanian Orthodox theologian and assistant professor of systematics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. His research focuses on ecumenical ecclesiologies, especially the dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic churches, Trinitarian studies, theology of creation, and environmental issues.

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