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Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in Today’s World
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Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in Today’s World


Day One 2006

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The Islamic faith is making a significant impact on today’s society, reaching into many areas of life. What should be the Christian response to this? We need to understand the teaching of Islam and its sense of community—we must understand Muslims and their faith.

What is the best way for believers in Christ to share the Gospel of God’s grace to Muslim neighbors and colleagues at work? We must get to know them better and have a positive attitude in seeking to share our faith with them as friends.

In this highly researched and very readable book, Edward Challen provides a wealth of practical pointers, showing just what can be done.

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Key Features

  • Discusses the background and practice of Islam
  • Surveys the history of the British Muslim scene
  • Assesses the impact of Islam on women
  • Provides biblical application


  • Part 1: The Muslim World
    • The Challenge of Islam—The Mission Concern
    • The World of Islam—The Background
    • Who are the Muslims?—The Community of Islam
    • The Expressions of Community—The Five Pillars of Islam
    • Muslim Jihad—The Sixth Pillar
    • The Faith of the Community—What Muslims Believe
    • Islam Divided—Variety within Islam
    • Life at the Mosque—Worship in Islam
  • Part 2: Islam in Britain
    • Beginnings—Claims of the Earliest Islamic Influences
    • The Rise of Modern Muslim Britain—Islam in Britain in the Early 20th Century
    • Muslim Immigration—An Increasing Muslim Presence in Britain
    • Recent Notable Events—The Second Half of the 20th Century
    • Muslim Communities in Britain—Interaction with Christians
    • Mosques in Britain—The Impact Mosques are Having
    • Present Situation—How Muslims See Themselves in Britain Today
    • Reaching Out—Considerations for Sharing the Gospel
  • Part 3: Women in Islam
    • A Biblical Foundation—The Christian Attitude
    • Mohammed’s Women—His View of Women
    • Areas of Difficulty—Practical Problems for Women in Islam
    • Our Concern to Reach Women—Witnessing to Muslim Women
  • Part 4: Presenting the Gospel
    • A Biblical Background to Islam?—A Spiritual Legacy
    • A Biblical Approach to Islam—Considering Our Approach
    • Potential Problems—Important Doctrines and Muslim Thinking
    • Practical Considerations—Preparing Ourselves
    • Making Known the Gospel Message—Sharing the Christian Faith

Praise for the Print Edition

. . . an excellent, important, and well-researched book which should be read by pastors, students, and Christians from all walks of life, especially those interested in understanding and having dialogue with their Muslim friends and neighbors . . . I have personally found it one of the most useful and down-to-earth tools for understanding Muslim friends and I am able to have better dialogue with them.

—Solomon Nathaniel, Counties’ Evangelist

Product Details

  • Title: Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in Today’s World
  • Author: Edward Challen
  • Publisher: Day One
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 288

About Edward Challen

Edward Challen trained as a medical laboratory scientist, did outreach work in southern Asia, and worked with a church planting ministry among Muslims for a number of years. He is now involved in pastoral ministry at Parkstone, Poole.

Sample Pages from the Print Edition