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The Aramaic Bible Series (22 vols.)

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This series represents the first time all the extant targums will have been translated into English. Scholars of both Jewish and Christian communities of the English-speaking world have given a warm welcome to the series, which is filling a large gap in the body of targums available in English.

While any translation of the Scriptures may in Hebrew be called a targum, the word is used especially for a translation of a book of the Hebrew Bible into Aramaic. Before the Christian era, Aramaic had in good part replaced Hebrew in Palestine as the vernacular of the Jews. It continued as their vernacular for centuries later and remained in part as the language of the schools after Aramaic itself had been replaced as the vernacular. The Aramaic Bible series provides a much-needed reference to the Aramaic translation of the Torah and Old Testament texts, as well as an important glimpse into Second Temple Judaism.

Interested in the targums in their original Aramaic form? We have them! Make sure to get the Aramaic targums to study along with these expert modern English translations.

Resource Experts
  • Rare translated-into-English targums on most of the Old Testament
  • Translations provided by experts in Aramaic and Hebrew
The Aramaic Bible series, under McNamara’s able leadership, has brought the difficult world of Targum to a larger audience of biblical scholars.

—Gary A. Rendsburg, Cornell University

  • Title: The Aramaic Bible
  • Translators: Martin McNamara, Michael Maher, Ernest G. Clarke, Bernard Grossfeld, Daniel J. Harrington, Bruce D. Chilton, Robert Hayward, Samson H. Levey, Anthony J. Saldarini, Kevin Cathcart, Robert P. Gordon, Celine Mangan, John Healey, Peter S. Knobel, David M. Stec, Philip S. Alexander, J. Stanley McIvor, and Derek R. G. Beattie
  • Publisher: Liturgical Press
  • Volumes: 22
  • Pages: 5,035
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Martin McNamara is emeritus professor of Scripture at Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin.


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  1. Ahmed Ghani

    Ahmed Ghani


  2. Jintae Seok

    Jintae Seok


  3. Paul Whitehorn, Jr.
    It is lamentable to undertake such a substantial research effort only to be deprived of access to the foundational Aramaic manuscripts. Such a circumstance is not only an inefficiency but also a disservice to the scholarly community. The allocation of resources and time towards this pursuit, without the means to delve into the primary source material, renders the endeavor incomplete and potentially compromised.
  4. Jim Darlack

    Jim Darlack


    Just got a copy of this, and I agree with other reviews. It would be extremely helpful if this resource split the volumes where two different Targums are present (e.g., vols. 2, 3 & 4, where Neofiti is paired with Pseudo-Jonathan for Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers). In its present state it is not possible to elegantly sync the correct English translation for these (and other volumes). I would give the text itself ★★★★★, but the functionality (given the potential is more like ★☆☆☆☆, so I've averaged it out.
  5. Nicholas A. B. Hall
    I'm looking at targum onqelos at the moment and have it in a link set with a bible, but every time I go to a scripture in a different book it jumps to a targum neofiti volume and I have to return to the library to open the book I want. Is there a way to fix this?
  6. Larry Proffitt
  7. William L White
  8. Joshua Thompson
  9. Gregorio Billikopf
  10. J. Isaac Gabizon


Collection value: $1,254.78
Save $124.79 (9%)
Starting at $68.76/mo at checkout