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The Thematic Bible
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The Thematic Bible


Charles W. McCordic 2007

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.

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The Thematic Bible is an ideal resource for pastors or church leaders who are researching a verse or topic in the Bible. Found only in Logos Bible Software, the Thematic Bible will make sermon or lesson preparation easier by showing each passage that matches your desired topic. This resource is more than just a concordance because it can also be linked with your preferred Bible in order to give you a quick synopsis of the topic being covered in any given verse. Author Charles W. McCordic has meticulously tagged every verse or section of verses in the Bible, making it easier than ever to find the passages you want.

The Thematic Bible is divided into two resources: Topical Analysis and Passage Register.

Individual Titles

The Thematic Bible: Topical Analysis

  • Author: Charles W. McCordic
  • Publisher: Charles W. McCordic
  • Publication Date: 2007

The Thematic Bible: Topical Analysis offers a wealth of information for pastors or church leaders who are studying a specific topic in the Bible. This resource is arranged into 56 themes that run throughout the Bible. More than just a concordance, this resource assigns a topic to every passage in the Bible. Rather than searching for a word or group of words and getting mixed results that are out of context, the Thematic Bible: Topical Analysis helps you understand the greater meaning of a verse through its simple categorization system. One major benefit of having this book in electronic form is that you can type in the general topic you are researching, and the Topical Analysis will yield results that include sub-sections of your desired theme. The screenshots below show how the Topical Analysis can aid your search for passages with similar themes.

The Thematic Bible: Passage Register

  • Author: Charles W. McCordic
  • Publisher: Charles W. McCordic
  • Publication Date: 2007

Link the Passage Register with your favorite Bible translation and you will quickly realize the usefulness of the this great resource. In the example below you will see that the Thematic Bible: Passage Register gives a short description of the importance of each passage. In the second screenshot, you'll notice small blue arrows next to some of the topics listed in the Passage Register. These arrows enable you to toggle between the Topical Analysis and the Passage Register with ease.

Product Details

  • Title: The Thematic Bible
  • Author: Charles W. McCordic
  • Publisher: Charles W. McCordic
  • Volumes: 2