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Jude and 2 Peter (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament | BECNT)

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Respected New Testament scholar and teacher, Gene Green offers a linguistically and rhetorically informed commentary on the books of Jude and 2 Peter. With extensive research, using recent scholarship, Green leads readers through the sociological, historical, and theological aspects of these New Testament books. This commentary will deepen your understanding of these letters.

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  • Blends academic sophistication with pastoral sensitivity, and accessibility
  • Includes abbreviations and Hebrew and Greek transliteration
  • Provides indexes of subjects, authors, Greek words, Scripture, and other ancient writings

Top Highlights

“The heretics’ wandering is not due to disorientation or ‘getting lost’ but is rather willful apostasy from God” (Page 284)

“rather, it is the personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (3:18), which results in salvation (1:3 and comments)” (Page 193)

“Peter understands that this personal and relational knowledge of God through Christ is essential if one is to progress in moral virtue. Knowing right does not mean doing right, but knowing God results in righteous conduct marked by self-restraint (v. 6a). On the other hand, ignorance of God and lust go hand in hand (1 Pet. 1:14).” (Page 193)

“Jude’s purpose in evoking the story of the angelic fall is to demonstrate that those who hold a privileged position are not exempt from divine judgment if they embrace sin.” (Page 68)

“‘The sorite is a set of statements which proceed, step by step, through the force of logic or reliance upon a succession of indisputable facts, to a climactic conclusion, each statement picking up the last key word (or key phrase) of the preceding one.” (Page 191)

Green reveals himself to be well-informed, clearly in control of a vast amount of detail. . . . This is a fine example of a historical-grammatical commentary, informed by significant knowledge of classical literature and recognition of rhetorical structures.

Peter H. Davids, visiting professor in Christianity, Houston Baptist University

This commentary is full of careful historical exegesis that is especially well informed by the literature, philosophy, and rhetoric of the Greco-Roman world. It is an ideal companion to a detailed study of these still undervalued New Testament books.

Richard Bauckham, emeritus professor of New Testament studies, St. Andrews University, Scotland

  • Title: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Jude and 2 Peter
  • Author: Gene L. Green
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 448

Gene L. Green (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is the dean of Trinity International University-Florida and professor emeritus of New Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School. He is the author of Vox Petri: A Theology of Peter and coeditor of Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective.


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Digital list price: $47.00
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