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The Bible and Epistemology

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781842275405


Many theologians and Christian philosophers have given considerable attention to the theory of knowledge in recent years. However, the rich resources of the biblical literature on questions of knowledge, especially the knowledge of God, have hardly begun to be mined because biblical scholars have rarely posed such questions to the texts.

In this volume, Catholic and Protestant biblical scholars reflect on what different parts of the Bible may have to contribute to our understanding of knowledge in general, and the knowledge of God in particular. Chapters on Deuteronomy, the Psalms, the Prophets, Wisdom literature, Luke-Acts, Johannine literature, and Paul’s letters reveal something of the Bible’s diverse and nuanced approach to the issues. The book ends with some reflections on the material from a theologian and from a Christian philosopher.

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Key Features

  • Analysis of the sophisticated epistemological strategy of Deuteronomy
  • Explores epistemological issues and themes
  • Includes reflections from a theologian and a Christian philosopher


Product Details

  • Title: The Bible and Epistemology
  • Editors: Mary Healy and Robin Parry
  • Publisher: Paternoster Press
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 224

About the Editors

Mary Healy is an adjunct professor of Scripture at Ave Maria University’s Institute for Pastoral Theology, and serves as a leader of Mother of God Community, a lay Catholic community in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She is the author of Men and Women Are from Eden: A Study Guide to Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and co-editor of Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation and Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation.

Robin Parry is the editorial director for Paternoster. He is author of Old Testament Story and Christian Ethics and Worshipping Trinity, as well as several academic articles. He co-edited The Futures of Evangelicalism, Universal Salvation?, Out of Egypt, and Canon and Biblical Interpretation.