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The Goddess Anath: Canaanite Epics on the Patriarchal Age
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The Goddess Anath: Canaanite Epics on the Patriarchal Age


Magnes Press 1971

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The Goddess Anath contains an introduction to Ugaritic literature that is based on the texts discovered (up to 1951) at the Ras-Shamra, in general, and on the epic of Baal in particular. It offers Ugaritic tablets containing episodes from the epic of Baal, in which the goddess Anath plays an important role. This book includes a transcription of the Ugaritic text in Latin characters, Cassuto’s Hebrew translation, and an English translation. This work also sheds invaluable light on important and hitherto unexplained linguistic usages in the Bible, while the author’s brilliant methodology will serve as an enduring beacon of light to many generations of researchers.

With the Logos edition, this resource is fully integrated with the rest of your digital library. Links to original language texts, dictionaries, and other historical documents—such as the Amarna Letters—are only a click away! The Goddess Anath is an important addition to the libraries of Old Testament and Near Eastern scholars, and is ideal for anyone looking to understand more deeply the historical and cultural context of the Old Testament.

Key Features

  • Provides commentary on the texts given
  • Contains an introduction to Ugaritic literature
  • Includes a transcription of the Ugaritic text in Latin characters

Product Details

  • Title: The Goddess Anath: Canaanite Epics on the Patriarchal Age
  • Author: Umberto Cassuto
  • Publisher: Magnes Press
  • Publication Date: 1988
  • Pages: 206

About Umberto Cassuto

Umberto Cassuto was an Italian historian and a Biblical and Semitic scholar. He began to make a name in the world of scholarship by virtue of a series of articles mainly on the history of Jews in Italy. In 1912, he began to publish important papers and books on Bible studies. All his works are of great significance to this day. His 2-volume commentary on Exodus and his 2-volume survey of biblical studies are available as part of the Magnes Press Hebrew Bible Collection (12 vols.).