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The Confession of St. Patrick
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The Confession of St. Patrick

by ,

James McGlashan, J. Nisbet & Co. 1853

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“I am Patrick, a sinner, the most unschooled and least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many,” was the first sentence St. Patrick penned of his Confession—the autobiography of his life and missionary journeys. Over the past centuries, various writers have quoted from St. Patrick’s Confession, finding encouragement in its many lessons of faith and humility. The Confession of St. Patrick is a translation of St. Patrick’s famous Confession from its original Latin. It includes an extensive introduction and notes, as well as an explanation of the translation process Thomas Olden underwent.

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Key Features

  • Translation of Confession from its original Latin
  • Extensive introduction and notes
  • Explanation of the translation process


  • Of St. Patrick’s Birth and Captivity, and of this Confession
  • Having Escaped from Slavery, by Flight, He Returns to His Country
  • Of His Calling into Ireland, and of Many Impediments
  • The Fruits of His Mission
  • He Declares with How Much Disinterestedness He Had Preached the Gospel

Product Details

  • Title: The Confession of St. Patrick
  • Author: Thomas Olden
  • Publisher: James McGlashan
  • Publication Date: 1853
  • Pages: 78

About Thomas Olden

Thomas Olden (1823–1900) was the rector of Ballyclogh 1868–1899, Cork, Ireland. He attended Trinity College in Dublin and received a BA, MA, BD, and honorary DD. An Irish Anglican writer, he wrote over 60 entries, mostly on Irish saints.

About St. Patrick

St. Patrick was one of the great missionaries of Europe and lived a truly extraordinary life. He was a Romano-Briton Christian, born in the mid-fourth century during the decline of Roman rule in the Britain. At the age of 16 he was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. During his six years in captivity he learned the Irish language and culture. After escaping back to Britain, Patrick entered the Church and was ordained a bishop. With true love for the people of Ireland, Patrick returned to the place of his captivity as a missionary. He preaching the Gospel throughout Ireland for the last 15 years or so of his life and died around 440. By the sixth century, with the conversion of Ireland largely complete, Patrick was recognized as the island’s patron saint. His work had a profound impact on the history of Christianity in Europe, because Irish missionaries to continental Europe during the sixth and seventh centuries were instrumental in the conversion of the Barbarian tribes who had dismembered the Roman Empire.