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God and Bread with Other Sermons

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God and Bread with Other Sermons is a collection of 20 sermons delivered by Vincent to his congregation. Vincent published them at their request. Sermons include:

  • God and Bread
  • Does it Pay?
  • The Single Need
  • Facing God
  • Light and Loyalty
  • The Ordered Steps
  • Fidelity and Dominion
  • Extra Service
  • The Pride of Care
  • The Plough and the Kingdom
  • Joy and Judgment
  • Silent before God
  • A Leper’s Logic
  • Prayer and Panoply
  • The Daysman
  • The Lesson of Ripeness
  • Strength, Victory, and Knowledge in Youth
  • God and the Times of Ignorance
  • The Promise of Incompleteness
  • Only a Little While

Vincent’s writing is academic yet highly readable, perfect for students, pastors, and anyone wanting an introduction to Biblical criticism and practical application of Scripture. God and Bread with Other Sermons contains over a hundred pages of Biblical scholarship and exegesis. With the Logos edition, all Scripture references link to the other resources in your library, making study and research effortless.

Key Features

  • Introductory Scripture for each chapter
  • 20 sermons given by Marvin Vincent

Product Details

  • Title: God and Bread with Other Sermons
  • Author: Marvin Vincent
  • Publisher: Dodd, Mead, and Company
  • Publication Date: 1884
  • Pages: 395

About Marvin Vincent

Marvin Vincent was born in 1834 in New York, the son of a clergyman. A professor at Union Theological Seminary and a pastor, Vincent was best known for his work in textual criticism and Biblical scholarship.