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NavPress Prayer Collection (4 vols.)

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Revitalize and transform your prayer life with the NavPress Prayer Collection. This collection explores and explains how prayer can deepen your relationship with God. Experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in your daily life through simple, biblical prayer steps. Discover how establishing a prayer ministry can positively impact your church. Learn simple ways to guide children in prayer. Whether you’re a church leader or layperson, you’ll find practical and scriptural encouragement to take your prayer life to the next level.

  • Encourages you to be diligent about prayer
  • Provides simple ways to transform your prayer life
  • Illustrates how prayer can positively impact your life
  • Title: NavPress Prayer Collection
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 856
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Prayer on Fire: What Happens When the Holy Spirit Ignites Your Prayers

  • Author: Fred A. Hartley III
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 184

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How’s your prayer life? You routinely connect with God in prayer, but you long for something more. You deeply desire a fresh encounter with the blazing presence of God. But how do you get there?

Prayer on Fire is what happens when your initiative to meet with God in prayer connects with his initiative to meet you with his passionate presence. Discover how God calls his people to expect, welcome, and invite his presence in their prayers through the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn the biblical steps to take to experience the reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your daily prayer life. And you’ll experience the truth that prayer ablaze with the Holy Spirit isn’t boring, routine, or safe. It’s alive and life-giving. It brings heaven to earth. It’s what you were made for.

Over the many years that I have known Fred Hartley, he has modeled what one who gives himself fully to Christ looks like: a person of passionate prayer and focus. With creative insight, he shows how me might surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit and await his fire and filling.

—Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

Prayer on Fire will be a book that will have a lasting impact on your life. Fred doesn’t just write about fire, he craves, longs for, and lives the passion and intensity that fire brings. The church has confused the dust of human effort from the cloud of God’s presence. You need to read this book.

—Alice Smith, cofounder and executive director, US Prayer Center

Prayer on Fire is a wonderful explanation of how the Holy Spirit makes prayer happen in a person and in a church. My prayer life also used to be a duty, a ‘flicker’ in flame. Then the Holy Spirit touched me, and I could not pray enough. I am so thankful for this book’s message and the fruit it will inspire in the church.

—Terry Teykl, founder, Renewal Ministries

Fred Hartley’s book Prayer on Fire is a convicting, encouraging, challenging, Christ-exalting call to a basic long neglected by the West: prayer! If there is a spiritual fiber in your being, it will call you to passionately embrace renewed communion with God and drive away the mechanical routine of voicing but not praying the thoughts of your heart. It will revitalize your spiritual life. It’s a must-read!

—Harold J. Sala, founder and president, Guidelines International

Fred Hartley has helped us connect with the transforming fire that represents the Holy Spirit’s activity in our prayer life. This book will rekindle your longing for a passionate and life-altering prayer life that can move heavens into action.

—Os Hillman, president, Marketplace Leaders

We stand at the threshold of a nationwide Christ-awakening in answer to over two decades of united prayer across the land. In this remarkable book, Fred shapes our expectations about how this impending move of God will manifest itself, showing us ways to enter into it even now. The hope that springs from the last chapter is by itself worth the price of the book!

David Bryant, founder, Proclaim Hope!

Fred Hartley is one of the key prayer leaders that God has raised up for this generation, and Prayer on Fire is a powerful book with a life-affecting message for all of us.

Paul Cedar, chair and CEO, Mission America Coalition

Fred A. Hartley III is lead pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church where he has served since 1988 and Christian leader in Metro Atlanta. In addition to pastoring an influential congregation, Fred is president of the College of Prayer, which now has campuses on five continents. He speaks at colleges, universities, conferences, and Promise Keeper’s Men’s events throughout our country and around the world. He has written 15 books including the best-seller Dare to Be Different, Lord, Teach Us to Pray and Parenting at Its Best.

The Prayer-Saturated Church: A Comprehensive Handbook for Prayer Leaders

  • Author: Cheryl Sacks
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 288

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Imagine what God can do with a church totally dependent upon him! Your church can be that church. It can become a prayer-saturated church!

More and more churches are recognizing the importance of prayer for life and power in the church. But making prayer more foundational is a challenging task for pastors and prayer leaders. The Prayer-Saturated Church provides all the step-by-step, practical help any pastor or prayer leader needs to mobilize, organize, and motivate believers to make their church a house of prayer.

Written by a veteran prayer leader with years of hands-on experience in local church prayer, The Prayer-Saturated Church will enable any church—no matter the size—to take prayer to the next level and saturate its ministry in prayer!

I know of nothing that even remotely compares to The Prayer-Saturated Church. It is rare indeed when something so practical is communicated with such passion and depth. Simply stated, it is the most thorough and well-written book I have seen on how to establish a prayer ministry in your local church. Apply its wisdom and you will succeed in this all-important endeavor.

Dutch Sheets, executive director, Christ for the Nations Institute

What a help for local church prayer leaders! I was so taken by the content that I ended up tearing out pages and teaching them instead of my material. The local church now has a new and fresh construction manual for the House of Prayer.

—Terry Teykl, founder, Renewal Ministries

Thank God for Cheryl Sacks! The Prayer-Saturated Church is a must for anyone involved in prayer ministry. It gives practical, balanced revelation on how not to get distracted so you remain focused for breakthrough praying in your church. Cheryl not only has lived and led prayer but has now written and explained how the prayer ministry evolves and matures.

Chuck D. Pierce, president, Global Spheres, Inc.

The Prayer-Saturated Church is a major missing link between the church and the transformation of congregations, cities, and nations. It is practical yet deeply personal and warm. It gives us keys to the release of revival and a great harvest of souls.

Cindy Jacobs, founder, Generals of Intercession

The dynamic prayer movement that God has been activating throughout America has now reached a new level. The Prayer-Saturated Church not only will help you understand what the Spirit is saying to the churches concerning prayer, but it will also motivate you to jump into the stream and move forward in the divine flow. I congratulate Cheryl Sacks for this strategic and exciting book!

C. Peter Wagner, president, Global Harvest Ministries

When Cheryl Sacks speaks about prayer, people listen! She is a gifted communicator, and she is also uniquely anointed to call people and churches to a deeper, higher level of intercession. So this book isn’t just full of good prayer ideas; it will ignite your spirit! Cheryl has been especially called by God to impart her passion to church leaders. I’ve felt it! I’ve seen the results! I’m Cheryl’s pastor.

Gary D. Kinnaman, senior minister, Word of Grace, Mesa, Arizona

Cheryl Sacks has produced a resource that both pastors and prayer leaders have been waiting for years to put their hands on. She covers the A to Z’s of birthing and building prayer into the ministry and mission of the local church. This handbook is essential for every prayer ministry I have ever known.

—Phil Miglioratti, COO and national coordinator, Loving Our Communities to Christ

This book is one that is incredibly comprehensive yet thoroughly practical. Cheryl not only covers the ‘how’ of prayer ministry but also the ‘why.’ For anyone interested in building or improving their church as a house of prayer, The Prayer-Saturated Church is a must-read.

—Gregory Frizzell, prayer and spiritual awakening specialist, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Cheryl Sacks is a national conference speaker and prayer mobilizer. She also serves as an advisor and contributing writer to Pray! magazine. Cheryl works closely with her husband Hal in a Phoenix-based ministry called BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network, best known for its bi-annual PrayerQuake conference.

Prayer-Saturated Kids: Equipping and Empowering Children in Prayer

  • Authors: Cheryl Sacks and Arlyn Lawrence
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 192

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Raise kids who are strong in faith and powerful in prayer! Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or church leader, Prayer-Saturated Kids will give you all the encouragement and guidance you need to pray with and for the children in your life. Practical helps and inspiring real-life stories will equip you to teach and mentor your kids to become powerful lifelong pray-ers while your own prayer life is growing right along with theirs. You’ll learn how, through prayer, you can help kids discover and fulfill their original design and destiny—then turn them loose to be history-makers and world-changers.

One of the most powerful messages on the heart of God at this moment is this: prepare the next generation! Kids are some of the most powerful prayer warriors because they pray from a pure heart. Every parent with children should read this book. Every Sunday school teacher and children’s church pastor should as well. Cheryl and Arlyn have a way of making intercession easy and personable and fun!

Cindy Jacobs, founder, Generals of Intercession

This brilliant work will teach you, equip you, captivate you, and convince you. With a sense of urgency, Cheryl and Arlyn encourage, challenge, and teach us to cultivate and pass on to our young generations a lasting legacy of prayer.

—Esther Ilnisky, founder, Global Prayer Movement

Prayer-Saturated Kids is an inspiring and practical resource for parents and teachers who want to cover this generation of children in prayer, pass on a legacy of faith, and equip them to deal confidently and triumphantly with the great challenges they face in today’s world.

—Cheri Fuller, international speaker

Reading Prayer-Saturated Kids has made me thirsty to pray with and bless our grandchildren more. The practical ideas and stories are stimulating and motivating. It’s exciting to contemplate what could happen if we grandparents, parents, and congregations were to catch the vision of this book!

—Gail MacDonald, pastor’s wife

Cheryl Sacks is a national conference speaker and prayer mobilizer. She also serves as an advisor and contributing writer to Pray! magazine. Cheryl works closely with her husband Hal in a Phoenix-based ministry called BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network, best known for its bi-annual PrayerQuake conference.

Arlyn Lawrence is a writer, prayer leader, children’s ministry director, and the praying mom of five children. She also co-wrote and edited the PrayKids! Teachers Guide, a comprehensive curriculum for discipling and mentoring children in prayer. Arlyn has also been a homeschooling mom, Moms in Touch leader, and a leader in youth and children’s ministries. It is her heart to see parents and children transformed, equipped, and flourishing as dynamic, praying disciples of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Doug, live with their family in Tacoma, WA.

When the Soul Listens: Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer

  • Author: Jan Johnson
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 192

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Do you long for depth and authenticity in your relationship with God? Do you want purpose and daily direction but can’t seem to find the “right” prayer to receive it? “If prayer has ‘stopped working’ for you or if you want to know the reality of God, I invite you now to explore contemplative prayer and the lifestyle that allows you to experience God’s presence,” says Jan Johnson.

When the Soul Listens will guide you away from formulas and step-by-step plans toward true contemplative prayer. Learn to find rest and guidance in God, opening yourself to God’s presence and direction through this practical approach. If you are disillusioned, searching for something that makes sense, or experiencing spiritual dryness, When the Soul Listens offers a clear path to a fulfilling connection with God and helps you allow God to work change in your life through prayer. Isn’t that what you want?

Jan evokes a great longing and hunger to know Jesus better, encouraging us to stop and listen, not wanting to miss a word he has to say. She brings us face-to-face with the ever-present Jesus, reminding us of his greatness, love, and waiting for us to love him in return. This book creates a deep desire to share our daily life with him.

—Kathleen Hart, chaplain to student wives, Fuller Theological Seminary

If you are seeking a closer walk with God, this is the book for you; and if you are not seeking a closer walk with God, this is the book for you. It is a distillation of practical wisdom from a variety of wonderful sources and from Jan Johnson’s own experience. It has already enriched my own spiritual life, and I intend to come back to it over and over.

—Kay Lindskoog

Jan Johnson enjoys speaking at retreats and conferences, hoping to ignite within listeners a burning desire to know God in an authentic way and to live out a kingdom life in the daily companionship of Jesus. Unwilling to minimize the mystery of God or the human struggle, Jan presents biblical principles and characters in down-to-earth ways so that people can connect with God and become more thirsty for God. Her observations about life’s dilemmas give listeners a lot to study, ponder, and laugh about. As an author and spiritual director, Jan holds degrees in Christian education and spiritual direction, which along with many years of Bible teaching, have equipped her to write hundreds of published Bible study sessions. She is also the author of 16 books and more than one thousand newspaper and magazine articles. Jan is the author of 13 books and more than one thousand Bible studies.

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