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Leaving Yesterday Behind


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This is a profoundly practical book that can help you be released from the bondage of yesterday. It is the biblical answer to leading a full life.

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“The sinful nature is passed on biologically as we are born into bodies which will deteriorate and die; spiritually, the sin nature is passed on in our predisposition to sin; and behaviorally, the sin nature is evidenced as we learn to model the behavior of our parents as we grow up. Learning language and mannerisms are only the tip of the modeling iceberg. We also learn such things as ways of dealing with stress, anger, speaking to strangers, the respect for parents and others and where we place value. In short, how we live and what we live for are learned, primarily, from our parents.” (Page 20)

“Identity is extremely important. Who we are is central to our mission in life. The problem is that the approach to identity put forth in the pop-psychology of the last decade is wrong. Identity in its essence does not come from within the person. Man’s identity was given to him by His Creator. Adam was formed by God and then told what he was to do with his life by God. Adam wasn’t left in the garden of Eden and told to ‘look deep within and find himself ’. God communicated with Adam. He told Adam that he was made for a purpose, and that purpose was determined by God Himself.” (Page 55)

“The kingdom has come to us who have trusted in Christ. The King now reigns in our hearts, but the final liberation of our hearts is yet to come. We look with eager anticipation to that day when we are finally set free and we rejoice now in the fact that victory is at hand, all the while remembering that we are part of the process of liberation. For it is our duty to surrender the strongholds of resistance in our hearts to Christ to bring them under His dominion.” (Pages 32–33)

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  • Title: Leaving Yesterday Behind
  • Author: William Hines
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 171


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    Digital list price: $8.99
    Save $2.00 (22%)