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Outlines of New Testament History

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Outlines of New Testament History was written as a compliment to the narratives of the New Testament. It relies on the fruits of archeological and historical research to illustrate the development of the customs, literary, commercial, political, and religious life of first century Palestine and the wider Roman world. It is divided into two parts “The Gospel History,” focusing on the life of the Lord, and “The Apostolic History,” focusing on the events of the early Church up to 98 A.D.

With the Logos edition of Outlines of New Testament History, every word is essentially a link. Scripture references are linked directly to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. For every word—in English, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or any language—you can double-click on that word, and your digital library will automatically search your lexicons for a match. That gives you instant access to a wealth of technical linguistic and etymological data, along with tools for accurate exegesis and interpretation.

Key Features

  • Synopsis of each chapter
  • Maps, tables, and index

Product Details

  • Title: Outlines of New Testament History
  • Author: F. E. C. Gigot
  • Publisher: Benziger Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1898
  • Pages: 391

About F. E. C. Gigot

F. E. C. Gigot was the Mooney Professor of the Sacred Scriptures at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York. He is the author of Outlines of Jewish History and General Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scriptures.