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Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching
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Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching


Zondervan 2011

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When you stand before your congregation, what do you hope to accomplish when you preach the Word? If people have Bibles and the freedom to read and pray on their own—why do they need you? In short, what do you bring to the table?

Author, pastor, and professor John Koessler answers those questions and many more. Why does one sermon have a powerful effect on the audience while another falls flat? Why should listeners heed what the preacher says? Is human language adequate for facilitating an encounter with God? What is the point of preaching a sermon? Folly, Grace, and Power is a must-read for pastors, seminarians, and lay leaders charged with the task of preaching God’s word. This essential book is both a stern reminder of the sacredness of the awesome “job” of being a preacher, as well as a how-to that reveals the key to speaking powerfully on God’s behalf.

Scripture references are linked directly to Greek and Hebrew texts, along with the English Bible translations of your choice. For any word in any language, you can double-click on that word and your digital library will automatically search your lexicons for a match. That gives you unprecedented access to linguistic data, along with all the tools you need for exegesis and interpretation.

Key Features

  • Foreword by Dr. Bryan Chapell
  • Theological reflection

Praise for the Print Edition

John Koessler has written an inspiring and responsible theological reflection on the proclamation of the Word. This book is full of meaty insights. Preaching is an exercise not just in communication but also in incarnation. Indeed, Koessler challenges us with the inspiring and sobering truth that to preach is to prepare others for eternity.

—Chris Brauns, pastor, The Red Brick Church

Whether you are a seasoned preacher or just getting started, if you care about being an effective preacher, this book is a must-read for you.

—Joseph M. Stowell, president, Cornerstone University

Product Details

  • Title: Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching
  • Author: John Koessler
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 160

About John Koessler

John Koessler has written for Discipleship Journal, Leadership, Moody Magazine, Decision, and Christianity Today. He has served as a pastor and currently is a chair of the pastoral studies department at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He is the author of several books, including True Discipleship and God Our Father. He holds degrees from Wayne State University, Biblical Theological Seminary, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.