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Christian Education: Foundations for the Future


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Whether in the home or in the church or in a Christian school, the challenge of contemporary Christian educators is to meet the academic needs of students while remaining unswerving in adherence to biblical principles. Christian Education: Foundations for the Future introduces you to the basics of a healthy Christian education program, then takes you beyond, showing you how to develop a fresh, innovative Christian education program that will revitalize your church, home, or school.

Part 1: The Definitive Nature of Christian Education

1. What Christian Education Is - Kenneth D. Gangel

2. Establishing Biblical Foundations - Edward L. Hayes

3. Reviewing Historical Foundations - Wayne A. Widder

4. Developing a Philosophy - James C. Wilhoit

5. Trends: Waves of the Future - Wesley R. Willis

Part 2: The Teaching-Learning Process in Christian Education

6. Christ the Master Teacher - Warren S. Benson

7. Teaching for Learning - Lynn Gannett

8. The Holy Spirit in Education - C. Fred Dickason

9. The Teacher: Facilitator for Change - Dennis H. Dirks

10. Biblical Feeding for Leading - Irving L. Jensen

11. Planning for Teaching and Learning - Larry Richards with Lin Johnson

12. Managing the Classroom Experience - Michael S. Lawson

13. Teaching and Learning Strategies - Robert J. Choun, Jr.

14. Instructional Media and Learning - C. Keith Mee

Part 3: The Ministry Is to People

15. Infants and Preschoolers - Valerie A. Wilson

16. Elementary-Age Children - Robert E. Clark

17. Junior and Senior Highers - Pamela T. and Stanton D. Campbell

18. Adults: An Introduction - Perry G. Downs

19. Young, Middle, and Senior Adults - Brian C. Richardson, Stanley S. Olsen, and Allyn K. Sloat

20. Single Adults: One Is a Whole Number - Carolyn A. Koons

21. Exceptional Persons - Julie A. Hight

22. Understanding Learning Styles - Marlene le Fever

23.World Christian Education - James E. Plueddemann

24. Ministering to Major Cultural Groups - Colleen Birchett, Marta Alvarado, and Johng Ook Lee

Part 4: The Church's Strategies for Christian Education

25. The Church's Educational Ministry - Doris A. Freese with J. Omar Brubaker

26. The Pastor's Educational Ministry - Donald M. Geiger

27. Professional Church Leadership - Ray Syrstad

28. The Board of Christian Education - Dennis E. Williams

29. Evaluation and Long-Range Planning - Harold J. Westing

30. Principles of Leadership Recruitment - Mark H. Senter III

31. Equipping the Educational Staff - Richard Patterson

32. Understanding and Using Curriculum - Lin Johnson

33. Dynamics of Small Group Ministries - Julie Gorman

34. Utilizing Computer Support - Lowell Brown and Wesley Haystead

35. Facilities and Equipment for Education - Lowell Brown and Wesley Haystead

Part 5: The Church's Allies for Christian Education

36. Biblical Perspective for the Family - James R. Slaughter

37. Building Healthy Families - Wayne Rickerson

38. Spiritual Formation in the Home - Craig Williford

39. Public, Christian, and Home Schooling - Cliff Schimmels

40. Parachurch Educational Organizations - Robert A. Barron

Product Details

  • Title : Christian Education: Foundations for the Future
  • Authors:
    • Clark, Robert E.
    • Johnson, Lin
    • Sloat, Allyn K.
    • Gangel, Kenneth
    • Hayes, Edward
    • Widder, Wayne
    • Wilhoit, James
    • Willis, Wesley
    • Benson, Warren
    • Gannett, Lynn
    • Dickason Jr, C Fred
    • Dirks, Dennis
    • Jensen, Irving
    • Richards, Lawrence
    • Lawson, Michael
    • Choun Jr, Robert J.
    • Mee, C Keith
    • Wilson, Valerie
    • Clark, Robert
    • Campbell, Pamela
    • Campbell, Stanton
    • Downs, Perry
    • Richardson, Brian
    • Olsen, Stanley
    • Koons, Carolyn
    • Hight, Julie
    • LeFever, Marlene
    • Plueddemann, James
    • Birchett, Colleen
    • Alvarado, Marta Elena
    • Lee, Johng Ook
    • Freese, Doris
    • Brubaker, J Omar
    • Geiger, Donald
    • Syrstad, Ray
    • Williams, Dennis
    • Westling, Harold
    • Senter III, Mark
    • Patterson, Richard
    • Gorman, Julie
    • Haystead, Wesley
    • Brown, Lowell
    • Slaughter, James
    • Rickerson, Wayne
    • Williford, Craig
    • Schimmels, Cliff
    • Barron, Robert
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 1991
  • ISBN: 9781575679792

ROBERT E. CLARK (Omaha Baptist Bible College; Wheaton College; Omaha University; University of Denver) served for 22 years as professor of Christian education at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. He is now engaged in Christian education ministry at the local church level. He is the general editor of Childhood Education in the Church. Clark resides in Lakewood, Colorado.

LIN JOHNSON is Managing Editor of The Christian Communicator, Advanced Christian Writer and Church Libraries and is the author and co-author of more than 60 books, including Christian Education: Foundations for the Future, Extracting the Precious from 2nd Corinthians, Encouraging Others, and The Book of John from The Smart Guide to the Bible Series. Lin specializes in Bible curriculum and is a Gold Medallion Book Award recipient. She also directs the Write-to-Publish Conference in the Chicago area and teaches at writers' conferences across the country and internationally. Lin resides in Elgin, Illinois.

ALLYN K. SLOAT (B.A., Trinity College; M.Ed., University of Illinois) is the former Pastor of Education and Adult Ministries at Winnetka Bible Church in Winnetka, Illinois and editor of Christian Education.


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    Digital list price: $29.99
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