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When asked by Oxford to revise Hammond’s text, Frank Edward Brightman set out with a far more ambitious plan. With the intention of expanding Liturgies Eastern and Western into two volumes, he added to the number of liturgical texts included, initiated fresh English translations, and reorganized the content according to how it might appear on a given liturgical day. Hammond’s geographical divisions are nonetheless maintained, where, after the introduction, Brightman provides the texts of the Syrian Rite, followed by the Egyptian Rite, Persian Rite, and the Byzantine Rite. Each of these individual sections receives its own table of contents at the beginning of its section with a short paragraph of the textual basis for the liturgy.

Brightman’s efforts were so drastic and extensive that he created an essentially new work that shared little more than the title with Hammond’s original. But this came at a cost: the second volume on the Western Liturgies never came into being. Nevertheless, Brightman’s work to provide more reliable text editions and more extensive scriptural references has given the volume an enduring quality even to this day.

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  • Essential glossaries of liturgical terminology for Latin, English, and Greek
  • Allusions and parallels to Scripture noted and marked with bold text
  • Numerous appendices
  • Extended introductions and notes for each liturgical text
  • Complete indices of Scripture references
Indeed, when we think of all the thought that has gone to make [Brightman’s] book the complete and scholarly thing that it is, we can only record our deep sense of debt to its author for the self-effacing conscientiousness that is its note, and for the high ideal of devotion to the service of God in letters which it sets before his fellows.

The Critical Review of Theological and Philosophical Literature vol. 7

For more than a century now, [Brightman’s work] has served as a reference work to students and scholars in comparative liturgy and has been quoted thousands of times in publications, classes, and research projects. Due to the wide range of its materials, it will undoubtedly remain a most valuable tool for many years to come. Students and scholars in the field of liturgy need, and will need, to have this volume at their disposal.

—Dr. Ugo Zanetti, former professor, Oriental Institute of the Catholic University of Louvain

  • Title: Liturgies Eastern and Western: Eastern Liturgies
  • Author: Frank Edward Brightman
  • Publisher: Oxford
  • Publication Date: 1896
  • Pages: 707

Frank Edward Brightman (1856–1932) was a fellow of Magdalen College and librarian of Pusey House at Oxford. A meticulous scholar, he is most well-known for his edition of Liturgies Eastern and Western: vol. 1: Eastern Liturgies. Its contents were the fruits of extensive journeys to various monasteries in the East. In 1915, he published English Rite a valuable book detailing the varying editions of the Book of Common Prayer in parallel columns. Between 1904 and 1932, Brightman was joint-editor of the Journal of Theological Studies, which continues to be in circulation today. As a strong high churchman, his advice and counsel was regularly sought by the Church of England.


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    Digital list price: $16.49
    Save $4.00 (24%)