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St. Paul's Fight for Galatia

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First published in German as his thesis for his doctorate of theology at the University of Heidelberg, Charles H. Watkins’ St. Paul’s Fight for Galatia focuses mainly on the psychological aspect of Paul’s epistle, and posits the idea that Paul was a “controversialist,” but only because of the sense of urgency with which he was writing. This is an important contribution to the study of Galatians and of the character and life of Paul.

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Key Features

  • Foreword by the author
  • Bibliographical references and index

Praise for the Print Edition

The book is an original, daring, and very thorough examination of those sections of the Epistle to the Galatians that bear upon the controversy raised by the Judaizers who disturbed and misled the Apostle Paul’s converts in Galatia. With great skill and scholarship, Dr. Watkins sets himself to deduce from the Epistle what was the actual position taken by the Judaizers, and what were the charges they brought to undermine St. Paul’s authority. As a commentary on Galatians, the book will be found unusually illuminating and suggestive.

The American Missionary

The book is original and of importance; on the psychological side especially it is a real contribution to the right understanding of the Epistle.

Review of Theology and Philosophy

Product Details

  • Title: St. Paul’s Fight for Galatia
  • Author: Charles H. Watkins
  • Publisher: James Clarke & Co.
  • Publication Date: 1914
  • Pages: 312

About Charles H. Watkins

Charles H. Watkins received his doctorate of theology from the University of Heidelberg, where he studied under Johannes Weiss and Anton Fridrichsen.

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Save $4.99 (49%)
Reg:$9.99 | Print:$32.66