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Literary Studies in the Hebrew Bible

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ISBN: 9789004098756


In the studies collected in this volume, Shemaryahu Talmon aims at highlighting salient literary modes identifiable in the books of the Hebrew Bible. The application of such modes is illustrated by analyzing the biblical writers’ technique of underscoring the concurrency of events by splitting a narrative account, intersplicing it with a second account, and then resuming the first. Thus they steer clear of conveying the impression of a chronological succession of events in question, which would be unavoidable in a one-line sequential presentation. In a group of studies, identifiable literary traits are brought to bear on the investigation of principles and problems relating to the “comparative approach” in biblical exegesis.

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  • Preface by the author
  • Identification of specific biblical literary techniques
  • Bibliographical references and index
  • Title: Literary Studies in the Hebrew Bible
  • Author: Shemaryahu Talmon
  • Publisher: Magnes Press
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Pages: 318

Shemaryahu Talmon has published numerous essays in scholarly journals and memorial volumes. His research interests include Israelite society in the biblical period, the Bible as literature, and the history of the Bible text and versions.