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Celebrating Life: Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide
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Celebrating Life: Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide


Paternoster 2007

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As Christians, we exist in worlds both of faith and of contemporary culture, but our engagement with those worlds is often impoverished as a result of unbiblical dualisms. More than we realize, we treat the divide between sacred and secular as set in stone, contributing to an unhealthy and, at times, narrow super-spirituality. Seeking a more postmodern, holistic and, ultimately, Christian approach to culture, Graham Buxton leads us on a journey towards the celebration of life in all its dimensions.

Examining the roots of our dualistic thinking and its implications for culture, Buxton establishes a baseline before drawing readers from the idea of dualism to holism in a number of chapters that consider our engagement with literature, the creative arts, science, politics, and business. He then sets forth the dimensions of a more holistic theology that discusses the church’s engagement with, and participation in, a contemporary society that moves “beyond the sacred-secular divide.”

Discover the fullness of humanity and learn to celebrate a life with God. The Logos edition of Celebrating Life integrates completely with your digital library. Scripture passages link directly to your favorite English translation and your original-language texts, instantly connecting you to a wealth of resources, and networked passage guides, word studies, and commentaries allow you to delve into God’s Word like never before.

Key Features

  • Nine essays covering the Trinity and creation, contextual incarnation, and the nature of redemptive grace
  • Introduction by the author
  • Bibliographical references

Praise for the Print Edition

A stimulating read that inspires you to think hard about faith and life.


Product Details

  • Title: Celebrating Life: Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide
  • Author: Graham Buxton
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 192

About Graham Buxton

Graham Buxton is the director of postgraduate studies in ministry and theology at Tabor College in Adelaide, Australia. He is the author of Dancing in the Dark and The Trinity, Creation and Pastoral Ministry.

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