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Church and Ministry

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780570042419


This resource is a translation of Walther’s famous treatise on church and ministry, which explains the theological foundation for congregation and pastoral office. Walther offers 10 theses, supported from Scripture, the church’s confessions, and patristic and confessional writers.

In the Logos edition of Church and Ministry, you get easy access to Scripture texts and to a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Hovering over Scripture references links you instantly to the verse you’re looking for, and with Passage Guides, Word Studies, and a wealth of other tools from Logos, you can delve into God’s Word like never before!

Key Features

  • Preface by the translator
  • Scriptural proof for each thesis
  • Bibliographical references and indexes

Product Details

  • Title: Church and Ministry
  • Author: C. F. W. Walther
  • Translator: John Theodore Mueller
  • Publisher: Concordia
  • Publication Date: 1987
  • Pages: 363