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The Forgotten Highway
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The Forgotten Highway


Faithlife 2011

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There’s a story told of a regiment of first-century Roman soldiers directed to torture and execute Christians. It was winter; the Romans would strip the believers naked and place them out on a frozen lake to freeze to death. If any Christians would deny their faith, they would be allowed to live. On one particular night, there were several Christian families that quietly sang songs of faith as they were dying on the ice. One of the Roman soldiers broke rank and, as he walked out on the ice, disrobed. He called Jesus Christ his Lord and joined the doomed believers to sing and die. Under great protest from his fellow Romans, he stayed with the Christians. In less than an hour, one by one, other soldiers joined their friend on the ice, disrobing and committing their lives to Christ. As the hours passed, voices fell silent—dead. The last Roman soldier on the ice, before he died, was asked by those who had not joined the Christians, “Why have you done this foolish deed?” He quietly replied, “I would rather die as a Christian with integrity than live a life that is nothing but a lie!”

The cry for integrity continues to ring out in our day. In fact, the basic need for integrity in human life has always existed. Mankind’s essential nature has three foundational problems that create this need: pride, sexual lust, and greed. These flaws have weakened mankind’s heart and led many astray to be lost.

Integrity is, by modern man, often viewed as a deficit in character rather than an avenue of great blessing from God. The Forgotten Highway is the response to the cry of a lifetime. It will bring truth and hope for all of us to be challenged and to live a life of integrity. It will stir up the conviction that it would be better to die as a Christian—with integrity—than to live the life of a lie.

With the Logos edition of The Forgotten Highway, you have an abundance of resources that offer applicable and insightful material for study. You can easily search for the topics of relationships or integrity, then get useful resources and perspectives from a variety of pastors and theologians.

Key Features

  • Emphasizes the importance of integrity
  • Provides practical help and wisdom
  • Challenges you to live the Christian life

Product Details

  • Title: The Forgotten Highway
  • Author: Paul Evans
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 108

About Paul Evans

Dr. Paul Evans blends spirituality and psychology in training and practice. He holds a DMin from Florida Baptist College and an MDiv Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a PhD in psychology from the Commonwealth Open University, and he has pastored churches in Florida and Texas since 1978. He is a licensed Christian marriage and family therapist and a certified pastoral addictions counselor.

Dr. Evans is the founder of the Grace Christian Fellowship movement, which he serves as apostle. He is currently the senior pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship of Brevard in Melbourne, Florida. He is also the director of outreach services for the Community Behavioral Health Center in Brevard County, a position that he has held for over 20 years.

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