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Gospel Advocate Complete New Testament Commentary (14 vols.)

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The Gospel Advocate New Testament Commentary is a conservative, 14-volume work that has served ministers and church members for over a century. Based on the ideals of the Restoration Movement, this commentary aims to bring all Christians together on the common ground of God’s Word and the examples of the New Testament church.

The Gospel Advocate Commentary is full of readable, relevant commentary. It is easy to read and rich in detail. By continually pointing us back to the Scriptures, The Gospel Advocate Commentary excels at transcending denominational distinctiveness. When necessary, it will delve into the ancient languages.

Different schools of thoughts are also given fair treatment by this commentary. For example, in Acts 2, the translation of a single Greek word gives rise to many varying doctrines. The Gospel Advocate Commentary presents a chart that shows how each denomination translates this word and how it affects their doctrine.

The wisdom provided in this commentary sheds new light on familiar verses and offers practical advice that can be applied and is useful for preaching and teaching. You’ll find a wealth of cross-reference hyperlinks in Wordsearch as you study, as the Bible so often refers to other Scripture. This work is appreciated by both experienced and beginner Bible students.

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