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Zechariah and Elizabeth: Persistent Faith in a Faithful God
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Zechariah and Elizabeth: Persistent Faith in a Faithful God


Doug Greenwold 2004

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Zechariah and Elizabeth is a new kind of Bible study based on a very old premise: that context enriches content when you study the Scriptures—that is, that we need to adopt the mindset and ethos of the times of the text to fully grasp its purpose and meaning.

This mini-volume restores the “familiar” Luke 1 story of Zechariah and Elizabeth back to its original context. Enabling us to experience the full story as if we were Zechariah and Elizabeth’s neighbors. In doing so, it allows twenty-first century Westernized hearts and minds to connect with the first-century Middle Eastern mindset that Luke assumes we understand. As Paul Harvey would say, now we have “the rest of the story,” making Zechariah and Elizabeth as appropriate for small-group and classroom use as it is for personal devotions. The book is organized into 12 chapters, each with appropriate “Reflections” and Scripture to ponder.

Rediscover the Bible writers’ intended approach to studying the Word of God with the Logos edition of Zechariah and Elizabeth. All Scripture passages link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “disciple” or “grace.”

Key Features

  • Contextually restores Bible narratives
  • Discusses specific passage's in relation to God
  • Encourages deeper study to find God’s truth and wisdom

Praise for the Print Edition

Get Doug Greenwold’s remarkable little book! Such a familiar story and yet, when told ‘in context,’ blazingly new and fresh! As you meditate on the characters, their journey, and God’s wonderful purpose in it all, you will realize that your eyes have indeed been opened.

—Carolyn Kilbourne, study leader, Precept Upon Precept Bible Study

Doug is a gifted teacher, with a passion for God, a longing to understand the Scripture in its contextual setting, and a desire to apply it to the real situations in our lives. This study demonstrates all these attributes—clear teaching, illuminating context, and thoughtful application. I highly recommend it.

—Dr. Arthur Lindsley, senior fellow, C. S. Lewis Institute

It is a privilege to recommend this book as a resource for anyone seeking to understand and apply the Scripture. Taking a well-known Bible event, Doug Greenwold has shown how to make it come alive as he sets the story within its cultural settings.

—Dr. Robert Norris, senior pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland

It is a joy to recommend Doug’s book to you as we have greatly benefited as a ministry from his teaching on this subject. You will be greatly blessed and positioned right back into the life and times of Zechariah and Elizabeth.

—Camilla Seabolt, executive director, Community Bible Study

Product Details

  • Title: Zechariah and Elizabeth: Persistent Faith in a Faithful God
  • Author: Doug Greenwold
  • Publisher: Doug Greenwold
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 80

About Doug Greenwold

Doug Greenwold is senior teaching fellow at Preserving Bible Times, a ministry dedicated to preserving and presenting biblical truth through contextual restoration, where he teaches the Bible in conference, retreat, and workshop settings for church and parachurch ministries. In 1988, Greenwold visited Israel on a study program and realized the importance of integrating the context of the land with the biblical texts. Since then he has been an avid student and passionate teacher of the Bible in its true context.