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Hosea, Joel (The New American Commentary | NAC)

, 1997
ISBN: 9781433675720
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Since a commentary is a fundamental tool for the expositor or teacher who seeks to interpret and apply Scripture in the church or classroom, the NAC focuses on communicating the theological structure and content of each biblical book. The writers seek to illuminate both the historical meaning and contemporary significance of Holy Scripture.

In its attempt to make a unique contribution to the Christian community, the NAC focuses on two concerns. First, the commentary emphasizes how each section of a book fits together so that the reader becomes aware of the theological unity of each book and of Scripture as a whole. The writers, however, remain aware of the Bible’s inherently rich variety. Second, the NAC is produced with the conviction that the Bible primarily belongs to the church. We believe that scholarship and the academy provide an indispensable foundation for biblical understanding and the service of Christ, but the editors and authors of this series have attempted to communicate the findings of their research in a manner that will build up the whole body of Christ. Thus, the commentary concentrates on theological exegesis, while providing practical, applicable exposition.

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“Surprisingly, however, the very offense of Hosea’s action strongly confirms that this is indeed the correct interpretation. God has divorced Israel just as Hosea has divorced Gomer, but in both cases grace triumphs over righteous jealousy and the demands of the law. Like the cross itself, Hosea’s action is a stumbling block. A man does not normally take back a woman who has behaved the way Gomer did. But we must acknowledge this as a revelation of grace through suffering.” (Page 49)

“For Joel the day of the Lord was not exclusively judgment or salvation; it was simply the coming of God to deal with people. For some this means life; for others it means death (2 Cor 2:16).” (Page 370)

“In the mind of an Israelite, Jezreel may have signified bloodshed in the same way that Chernobyl signifies nuclear disaster to a modern person.” (Page 55)

“The answer seems to be that she has forfeited her identity through her adultery. She can no longer claim the title ‘wife of Hosea’ just as Israel can no longer claim the title ‘people of God.’ Israel in apostasy is not Israel. By analogy adultery does not enhance a person’s identity; it destroys it.” (Page 99)

“Ritual repentance, however fervently carried out, is of no use if the heart is unchanged.” (Page 346)

  • Title: Hosea, Joel
  • Author: Duane A. Garrett
  • Series: New American Commentary
  • Volume: 19A
  • Publisher: B&H
  • Print Publication Date: 1997
  • Logos Release Date: 2000
  • Pages: 406
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Bible. O.T. Hosea › Commentaries; Bible. O.T. Joel › Commentaries
  • ISBNs: 9781433675720, 1433675722
  • Resource ID: LLS:29.33.2
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-10-05T17:05:05Z

Duane A. Garrett brings to Southern Seminary many years of teaching, writing, research and pastoral experience. He has served on the faculty of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Bethel Seminary, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Mid-America Baptist Seminary and Korea Baptist Seminary. His books include Song of Songs in the Word Biblical Commentary; A Modern Grammar for Classical Hebrew; Angels and the New Spirituality; Authority and Interpretation; and Hosea and Joel in the New American Commentary. He also serves as the general editor for The Archaeology Study Bible from Zondervan Press.


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