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Sermons 230–272B on Liturgical Seasons

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This resource contains the seventh volume of Augustine’s sermons, including sermons 230–272B. The sermons have helpful subdivisions in the contents as well as the text.

Top Highlights

“And yet, brothers and sisters, in this time that is still evil, let us sing alleluia to the good God, who does deliver us from evil. Why look all round yourself for what he is to deliver you from, when he delivers you from evil?” (Page 165)

“Against the lion a lion, against the wolf a lamb. The devil was exultant when Christ died, and by that very death of Christ was the devil conquered; it’s as though he took the bait in a mousetrap. He was delighted at the death, as being the commander of death; what he delighted in, that’s where the trap was set for him. The mousetrap for the devil was the cross of the Lord; the bait he would be caught by, the death of the Lord.” (Page 217)

“But what is living a good life? Savor the things that are above, not those that are on earth (Col 3:2). As long as you are earth, it is into earth that you shall go (Gn 3:19); as long as you go on licking the dust of the earth—it is by loving earth, of course, that you lick the dust of the earth—you are also turned into the enemy of the one about whom the psalm says, And his enemies shall lick the dust (Ps 72:9).” (Page 21)

“But when we were experiencing the penalties to which we came from our sins, our Lord Jesus Christ decided to share our penalties without any sins of his own. By enduring the penalty without the fault, he undid both fault and penalty. He undid the fault by forgiving sins; he undid the penalty by rising from the dead.” (Page 66)

“But our Lord has given us other remedies for every day after that bath of regeneration (Ti 3:5). Our daily purification is the Lord’s prayer. Let me say, and say something true, that it’s also almsgiving: Forgive us our debts, just as we too forgive our debtors (Mt 6:12).” (Page 211)


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    Digital list price: $49.99
    Save $10.00 (20%)