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The Nibblers' Banquet
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The Nibblers' Banquet


James L. Fleming 2005

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


From the Introduction: "This book is the outgrowth of a variety of unforeseen circumstances. In 1951, the Ministerial Assembly of the Church of God, Western Canada, asked me to accept the editorship of the field paper, The Gospel Contact. This responsibility demanded a considerable amount of concentration on writing. The idea of writing spiritual truths in parable form developed very gradually. The first attempt was a short skit of about ten lines; the second was only about a score. The ideas continued to formulate, however, often during a sleepless night on some lurching train while it ground out the miles to some appointment or other. Sometimes an apt title would suddenly be impressed upon me although the story to go with it would not unfold for several months. Nevertheless a certain amount of pleasure has attended the actual writing itself as various characterizations and applications presented themselves from time to time."

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  • Chapter 1 The Nibblers' Banquet
  • Chapter 2 The Death of M. T. Benches
  • Chapter 3 A Marriage Almost Goes on the Rocks
  • Chapter 4 Only God Can Make a Tree
  • Chapter 5 Silas Birdbrain's Mistake
  • Chapter 6 All Hands to the Rescue
  • Chapter 7 The Story of Ima House and Bilda Home
  • Chapter 8 The Robin's Song
  • Chapter 9 The Trees Tell Their Story
  • Chapter 10 How Justa Wanderer Got Out of the Well
  • Chapter 11 The Battle of the Deacons
  • Chapter 12 The Anvil and the Iron
  • Chapter 13 The Rock and the Soil
  • Chapter 14 A Modern Tower of Babel
  • Chapter 15 The Church is the Bride of Christ
  • Chapter 16 The Court House in the Skies

Product Details

  • Title: The Nibblers' Banquet
  • Author: Henry C. Heffren
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About Henry C. Heffren

Henry C. Heffren is also the author of Five Smooth Stones, The Mission of the Messiah, and The Glory of Israel.

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