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The Grace of Healing
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The Grace of Healing


James L. Fleming 1899

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Excerpt: "We use the term “grace of healing” because it is the favor of God shown toward us in his merciful provision for the health of his people. The health covenant with Israel, was but the foreshadowing of this grace, which should be revealed through the gospel of Christ, which is extended to all who meet the conditions of redemption, and through faith become heirs according to the promise."

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Key Features

  • Preface by J. W. Byers
  • Multiple chapters by Jennie M. Byers


  • Our Redemption Right
  • God's Covenant with Israel
  • Divine Healing in Prophecy
  • Divine Healing in the Life and Ministry of Christ
  • Divine Healing in the Death of Christ
  • Divine Healing in the Resurrection of Christ
  • Divine Healing in the Acts of the Apostles
  • Divine Healing in the Holy Spirit
  • Importunity
  • Faith to Retain Healing
  • The Mystery of Iniquity
  • Questions Answered
  • Fifteen Objections Answered
  • Helpful Thoughts
  • Conversion and Healing
  • Faith
  • The Children's Bread
  • Does Sickness Come from God?
  • Summarized Questions and Answers on Divine Healing
  • How I Was Led to Preach Divine Healing
  • Living Witnesses
  • Prayer Answered at a Distance
  • He is Just the Same to-Day

Product Details

  • Title: The Grace of Healing
  • Author: J. W. Byers
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About J. W. Byers

J. W. Byers is also the author of Bible Humility, Parent and Child, and Sanctification.

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