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David’s Song
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David’s Song


James L. Fleming 1988

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This resource by Maurice Berquist is about the amazing secret of Psalm 23. "The Good Shepherd will lead you to a discovery of yourself and of the person you can become."—Maurice Berquist.

With the Logos Bible Software edition of David’s Song all Scripture passages are linked to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference.


  • Chapter 1: How Mush is a Song Worth
  • Chapter 2: An After-Hours Concert
  • Chapter 3: God's Amazing Secret
  • Chapter 4: The Is-Ness of God
  • Chapter 5: Me, Myself, and I—And God
  • Chapter 6: How Does It Work in Real Life?
  • Chapter 7: I Am Free to Choose Bondage
  • Chapter 8: What is Lacking?
  • Chapter 9: God's Possibility Book
  • Chapter 10: When You Get to Tomorrow, God Has Already Been There
  • Chapter 11: The Is-Ness of Psalm 23
  • Chapter 12: Nourishing the New You
  • Chapter 13: In Quietness—Strength
  • Chapter 14: Belief for Starving Souls
  • Chapter 15: God Will Show You His Paths, But Never His Plans
  • Chapter 16: Where is the Good Shepherd in Bad Times?
  • Chapter 17: When the Gentle Shepherd Isn't Gentle
  • Chapter 18: The Wolf Who Came to Dinner
  • Chapter 19: God's Lambs and the Lamb of God
  • Chapter 20: Not Just Adequate, But Abundant
  • Chapter 21: We May Change Sheepfolds, But We Never Change Shepherds

Product Details

  • Title: David’s Song
  • Author: Maurice Berquist
  • Publisher: Warner Press

About Maurice Berquist

Maurice Berquist is also the author of Ephesians: A Map to Your Incredible Future, The Miracle and Power of Blessing, and The Promise of Immunity.

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