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Hidden Evil: A Biblical and Pastoral Response to Domestic Abuse


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Domestic abuse is an ugly, but all too real, problem that is often not dealt with well within our churches. Eryl Davies tells the stories of domestic abuse survivors—both men and women—who have been let down by their churches’ reactions. How are we to respond biblically to such situations? How do pastors and church leaders address this problem when both victim and abuser are part of their congregation? As well as making the reader aware of the reality of this issue, Davies gives helpful guidelines and suggestions for church leaders dealing with cases of domestic abuse.

  • Examines domestic abuse from a biblical viewpoint
  • Includes domestic abuse survivors’ stories
  • Provides suggestions for addressing domestic abuse within congregations


  • Challenges
  • A Global Challenge
  • A Contemporary Challenge
  • Understanding Domestic Abuse: Continuing Challenges

Domestic Abuse in Christian Families: Victims Speak Out

  • Victims Begin to Tell Their Story
  • Victims: Rita and Louise
  • Victim: Charlotte—A Pastor’s Wife
  • Victim: Dan—A Pastor
  • Children are Victims too!

Responding to Domestic Abuse Pastorally

  • Responding Pastorally: Guidelines
  • Responding Pastorally: Suggestions
  • Husbands and Wives: An Abusive Relationship
  • Husbands and Wives: Divorce?
  • Conclusion
Dr Eryl Davies has given us a book that is desperately needed in the church, and one which has been written by the request of those who have suffered for years, often in silence. For too long the church has kept quiet about domestic abuse, which has led to both confusion and pain. Dr Eryl Davies has a rare blend of great theological mind and genuine pastoral heart, and in this book he has worked with those who have experienced domestic abuse, to create a book that blends personal accounts, biblical insight, and pastoral wisdom. I wept as I read sections of the book, and was forced to think deeply about what I believed and taught. This book is a must read for church leaders and members alike, and both those who are suffering and those who are supporting. I pray that this book would help many to find safety and love in the church.

—Jonathan Thomas, Pastoral Dean, Union School of Theology

Davies wakes us up to the disturbing reality that the church is not immune to the horrors of domestic abuse—whether physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual or sexual. Yet this is not something the church knows how to handle. Davies gives us the data and tools we need to dig our heads out of the sand and help those in danger

—Natalie Brand, Lecturer and research supervisor, Union School of Theology, Wales

Eryl Davies has written a painful but very necessary book. It is a sad reality that some churches are naïve and unaware of the reality of domestic abuse. Some churches may even be part of the problem. So it is with compassion and realism that Eryl shares the accounts of sufferers and exposes the failure of churches to respond to the evil that is domestic abuse. For some Christians this will be a real eye opener, but all who read this book will find it moving, challenging and providing valuable guidance. Writing with patience and care, Eryl acknowledges the courage of sufferers, and brings scripture to bear on the sin of domestic abuse. Helpful pastoral advice is offered, and a clear biblical understanding of marriage presented. The chapter on divorce is particularly stimulating. This book should be required reading for all church leaders, everywhere.

—Philip Swann, Pastor, Llanelli Free Evangelical Church

  • Title: Hidden Evil: A Biblical and Pastoral Response to Domestic Abuse
  • Author: D. Eryl Davies
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Pages: 224
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Topic: Abuse

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D. Eryl Davies is an elder at Heath Evangelical church, Cardiff and a member of the Management Board of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. He pastored churches in South and North Wales before becoming the first principal of what is now Union School of Theology. He continues to serve churches and conferences and to write.


Digital list price: $11.99
Save $4.00 (33%)

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