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The Truth About the Millennium
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The Truth About the Millennium


James L. Fleming 2005

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Excerpt: "The subject of the millennium is one of the most controversial subjects in the religious world today. It has the people of God divided into three different camps: the postmillennialists, the amillennialists, and the premillennialists."

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  • 1. Premillennialism Was Not the Faith of the Apostolic Church
  • 2. The Doctrine of Premillennialism Has Never
  • 3. The Time Set by Some for the Millennium to Be Ushered in Has Passed
  • 4. The Theory of Premillennialism is Based Upon a False Interpretation of One Isolated, Figurative Passage of Scripture
  • 5. The Foundation for the Doctrine of Premillennialism (Rev. 20:1-10) Does Not Teach the Binding of the Literal Devil for a Thousand Years
  • 6. The Foundation Scripture for the Doctrine of Premillennialism is the Only Passage that Seems to Teach that the Righteous Will Be Raised One Thousand Years Before the Wicked are Raised
  • 7. The Foundation Scripture for the Premillennial Theory Does Not Even Refer to a Literal Resurrection
  • 8. Both the Righteous and the Wicked Will Be Raised at the Same Time

Product Details

  • Title: The Truth About the Millennium
  • Author: Cecil M. Washington
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About Cecil M. Washington

Cecil M. Washington is also the author of Have Ye Received the Holy Spirit Since Ye Believed, The Truth About Divorce and Remarriage, and What the Bible Teaches About Speaking in Tongues.

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