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The Double Cure
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The Double Cure


James L. Fleming 2005

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


From the Preface: "To make clear the subject of full redemption by two works of divine grace is the object of this book. The nature of the subject is such that a didactic style is required throughout its treatment; the reader, therefore, will expect simplicity and thought rather than eloquence and emotion."

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  • Chapter I Man’s Original Purity
  • Chapter II Man Under Law
  • Chapter III The Temptation and the Fall
  • Chapter IV The Nature of the Penalty
  • Chapter V Immediate Consequences of the Fall
  • Chapter VI Moral Effects of Adam’s Sin on His Posterity
  • Chapter VII Nature of Native Depravity
  • Chapter VIII Extent of Native Depravity
  • Chapter IX Theories of Native Depravity
  • Chapter X History of the Doctrine of Native Depravity
  • Chapter XI Modal Theories of Native Depravity
  • Chapter XII Consequences of the Fall Reviewed
  • Chapter XIII A Double Need
  • Chapter XIV Justification
  • Chapter XV Native Depravity in the Justified Believer
  • Chapter XVI Sanctification Defined
  • Chapter XVII Christian Perfection
  • Chapter XVIII Sanctification a Cleansing
  • Chapter XIX Sanctification a Second Work
  • Chapter XX Sanctification a Reception of the Holy Spirit
  • Chapter XXI Mode of Sanctification
  • Chapter XXII Sanctification Attainable in This Life
  • Chapter XXIII Who May Have Sanctification?
  • Chapter XXIV The Value of Sanctification
  • Chapter XXV How to Obtain Sanctification

Product Details

  • Title: The Double Cure
  • Author: D. O. Teasley
  • Publisher: Faith Publishing House

About D. O. Teasley

D. O. Teasley is also the author of Historical Geography of the Bible, How to Conduct a Sunday School, and Rays of Hope.

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