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Helps to Holy Living
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Helps to Holy Living


James L. Fleming 2005

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


Excerpt: "To get holiness people to live holy lives is an exceedingly great task. To live a strictly holy life, just like our blessed Lord, is grand and glorious, but it is difficult to get people to live that way. It can be done, but it is not being done by very many. There are many who desire to live holy, but they fail to put forth the earnest effort and live it right up to what they know they should. They want to live closer to God, but they do not do it. They do not mean to neglect, and yet they do neglect. They know they should pray more, but they do not pray more. Many of these dear people confess that they talk too much and speak impatiently, but we see little or no improvement. They fret and worry and are anxious, and know they should not be, and yet they continue on in the same life. They are not getting the heavenly joys and holy comforts out of life that they should. The purpose of this little booklet is to help just such people."

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  • Part One
    • Working Out Your Salvation
    • Meditating on God and His Word
    • Christ's Epistle
    • Mind the Little Things
    • Devotion
    • Intensity
    • Only One Way
    • The Sanctified
    • A Fable with a Lesson
    • Members One of Another
    • Holy Thoughts for Quiet Hours
    • The Fear of Man
    • Lifting Up Jesus
    • Saying and Doing
    • The Church of God
    • Mortify
    • Contentment
    • Sonship with God
    • God's Law in Man's Mind and Heart
    • Sensibility
    • The Loss of Soul-Sensitiveness
    • Spiritual-Mindedness
    • Holy Thoughts for Quiet Hours
    • Jesus
    • Salvation
    • Keep Heaven in View
  • Part Two
    • The Opened Eye
    • Looking Upward
    • Heaven Everywhere
    • Shut-Ins
    • Mary and Martha
    • Finding Life
    • Living by Christ
    • Feeding on Christ
    • The Soul's Craving
    • Holier in Life
    • My Heart-Garden
    • Home of My Soul
    • Love
    • Love to Christ
    • Hallowing Life
    • Familiarity
    • The Holy Anointing
    • The Mystery of Godliness
    • Dead with Christ
    • Living with Christ
    • Baptized into His Death
    • Dying with Christ
    • Living to Our Ability
    • The Joys of Heaven
    • Tune Your Harp
    • Faith
    • Living by Faith
    • Man's Worth
    • The Christian
    • Man's Kinship with God
    • God's Eternal Purpose
    • Salvation
    • Character
    • Our Book
    • Influence
    • The Cup of Cold Water
    • The Value of Truth
    • God's Fatherhood
    • Indebtedness
    • The Smile of God
    • The Troubled Heart
    • Poor Yet Rich
    • Faith and Sin
    • Marks of Slavery
    • "Stigmata"
    • Waiting on God

Product Details

  • Title: Helps to Holy Living
  • Author: Charles E. Orr
  • Publisher: Faith Publishing House

About Charles E. Orr

Charles E. Orr has also authored A Religious Controversy, Christian Conduct, and The Hidden Life.

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