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Thine Is The Kingdom
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Thine Is The Kingdom


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: "This book, Thine Is the Kingdom, is the twenty-fifth book I have been privileged to write. It is not all original, but due to a fairly continuous call for a book that would contain all my books in one volume, I have put a number of former writings in this volume. The formation of this book has required over two years in preparation. The manuscript has passed the inspection of a number of capable authors and ministers before it appeared in the present form."

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Key Features

  • Preface by the author
  • List of incidents to show where Dispensationalism violates the Scripture


  • I. The Kingdom of God
  • II. Confirming the Promises
  • III. The Contrast Between Abraham’s Flesh and Abraham’s Faith
  • IV. The Relation of the Law to the Messiah
  • V. The Purpose of the Law
  • VI. Are the Messianic Promises Still in Effect?
  • VII. What Happened to God’s Promises?
  • VIII. Important Events in David’s Reign
  • IX. God’s Covenant With David
  • X. The Message of Daniel
  • XI. The Stone Cut Out Without Hands
  • XII. Did Christ Postpone His Kingdom?
  • XIII. Seventy Weeks Are Determined
  • XIV. How To Reckon the Seventy Weeks
  • XV. How History Confirms Prophecy
  • XVI. The Birth of the Messiah
  • XVII. The Kingdom of the Messiah
  • XVIII. Why the Jews Rejected the Messiah
  • XIX. The Trial and Death of the Messiah
  • XX. Heralds of the Messiah
  • XXI. Heralds of the Messiah (Continued)
  • XXII. The Termination of the Earthly Kingdom
  • XXIII. The Temple Described by Ezekiel
  • XXIV. Jesus Christ Is King
  • XXV. There’s a Great Day Coming
  • XXVI. How Long Is a Thousand Years?
  • XXVII. Who Is the Antichrist?
  • XXVIII. The King Described by Daniel
  • XXIX. The Second Beast in Revelation 13
  • XXX. The Great Tribulation
  • XXXI. Who Are the 144,000?
  • XXXII. The New Jerusalem

Product Details

  • Title: Thine Is The Kingdom
  • Author: H. C. Heffren
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About H. C. Heffren

H. C. Heffren has also authored Five Smooth Stones, The Father's Good Pleasure, and An Examination of Daniel's Prophecy.

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