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LA211 Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar


Compare any languages and you’ll find they have similar tasks that need to be accomplished. Whether it’s creating anticipation, highlighting something important, or structuring the overall flow, the discourse devices that accomplish these tasks help us understand the meaning of the text. In this course, Dr. Runge helps you understand how these discourse devices function both in English and Greek so you can better exegete the Greek New Testament and communicate it’s meaning from the pulpit or in the classroom. Dr. Runge explores these discourse devices in easy-to-understand language and with illustrations of how we use them in English. He then shows you the exegetical significance of these devices for interpreting the Greek New Testament.

  • Title: LA211 Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar
  • Author: Runge, Steven E.
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2016