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Puritan Sermons 1659–1689 in Six Volumes, vol. 4


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  • Detailed index of the authors and the subjects of their sermons
  • Comprehensive index of the Scriptures used in each sermon
  • Notes and translations by James Nichols
  • “How We Should Eye Eternity, That It May Have Its Due Influence upon Us In All We Do,” Thomas Doolittle
  • “A Discourse of the Right Way of Obtaining and Maintaining Communion With God,” Mathew Barker
  • “What is the Best Way to Prepare to Meet God in the Way of His Judgments or Mercies?” John Singleton
  • “From What Fear of Death Are the Children of God Delivered by Christ, and by What Means Doth He Deliver Them From it?” Richard Mayo
  • “How Is the Gospel-Grace the Best Motive to Holiness?” Peter Vinke
  • “What is That Fullness of God Every True Christian Ought to Pray and Strive to be Filled With?” Vincent Alsop
  • “How Are the Ordinary Means of Grace More Certainly Successful For Conversion, Than if Persons From Heaven or Hell Should Tell Us What Is Done There?” Richard Adams
  • “How May It Convincingly Appear, That Those Who Think It An Easy Matter to Believe, Are Yet Destitute of Saving Faith?” Thomas Cole
  • “What Is the Danger of a Death-Bed Repentance?” Edward Veal
  • “How Doth Practical Godliness Better Rectify the Judgment Than Doubtful Disputations?” Woodcock
  • “How Is Sin the Most Formidable Evil?” William Bates
  • “How May Private Christians Be Most Helpful to Promote the Entertainment of the Gospel?” George Hamond
  • “How Christ is to be Followed as Our Example,” Nathanael Vincent
  • “How May a Lukewarm Temper be Effectually Cured in Ourselves, and In One Another?” Matthew Sylvester
  • “What Is the Duty of Magistrates, From the Highest to the Lowest, for the Suppressing of Profaneness?” Samuel Slater
  • “How May We Inquire After News, Not as Athenians, but as Christians, for the Better Management of Our Prayers and Praises for the Church of God,” Henry Hurst
  • “Wherein May We More Hopefully Attempt the Conversion of Younger People, than of Others?” Daniel Burgess
  • “What Repentance of Nation Sins Doth God Require, As Ever We Expect National Mercies?” Daniel Williams
A most precious set, giving a magnificent cross-section of Puritan theology, at its practical, heart-warming best.

J.I. Packer

The best compilation of Puritan systematic theology ever written, but unfortunately is often overlooked in Puritan studies.

Dr. Joel Beeke, Meet the Puritans: With a Guide To Modern Reprints

  • Title: Puritan Sermons 1659–1689 in Six Volumes, vol. 4
  • Publisher: James Nichols for Thomas Tegg
  • Publication Date: 1844
  • Pages: 616


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    Digital list price: $16.49
    Save $4.00 (24%)