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Puritan Sermons 1659–1689 in Six Volumes, vol. 4

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The Puritans are remembered for their vast expository on the Bible, their simplification of doctrine and worship, and their passionate preaching. This remarkable collection of classical sermons consists of practical as well as doctrinal discourses, preached by some of the most renowned Puritan ministers of the seventeenth century. Published between 1659 and 1689, over seventy preachers contributed to these historically important volumes, including such luminaries as Thomas Manton, Richard Baxter, John Howe,Mathew Poole,and John Owen. This extraordinary anthology is packed with solid Scriptural exegesis and profound spiritual insight.

Filled with the devotional spirit and energy that Puritan sermons were notorious for, the Puritan Sermons is a window into the English Reformation of the seventeenth century. Advocating their autonomy from Rome, these preachers were among the powerful political force that left the Church of England and condemned the practices of the Catholic Church. Although some of these sermons exude the contentious politics of the day, the sermons contained in these volumes symbolize the powerful and historically significant impact the Puritans had on Christianity and biblical exegesis. This volume contains over twenty-five distinguished sermons, and with Logos Bible Software, all of them are searchable and direct translations from Greek, Hebrew, and Latin are readily available.

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Key Features

  • Detailed index of the authors and the subjects of their sermons
  • Comprehensive index of the Scriptures used in each sermon
  • Notes and translations by James Nichols


  • “How We Should Eye Eternity, That It May Have Its Due Influence upon Us In All We Do,” Thomas Doolittle
  • “A Discourse of the Right Way of Obtaining and Maintaining Communion With God,” Mathew Barker
  • “What is the Best Way to Prepare to Meet God in the Way of His Judgments or Mercies?” John Singleton
  • “From What Fear of Death Are the Children of God Delivered by Christ, and by What Means Doth He Deliver Them From it?” Richard Mayo
  • “How Is the Gospel-Grace the Best Motive to Holiness?” Peter Vinke
  • “What is That Fullness of God Every True Christian Ought to Pray and Strive to be Filled With?” Vincent Alsop
  • “How Are the Ordinary Means of Grace More Certainly Successful For Conversion, Than if Persons From Heaven or Hell Should Tell Us What Is Done There?” Richard Adams
  • “How May It Convincingly Appear, That Those Who Think It An Easy Matter to Believe, Are Yet Destitute of Saving Faith?” Thomas Cole
  • “What Is the Danger of a Death-Bed Repentance?” Edward Veal
  • “How Doth Practical Godliness Better Rectify the Judgment Than Doubtful Disputations?” Woodcock
  • “How Is Sin the Most Formidable Evil?” William Bates
  • “How May Private Christians Be Most Helpful to Promote the Entertainment of the Gospel?” George Hamond
  • “How Christ is to be Followed as Our Example,” Nathanael Vincent
  • “How May a Lukewarm Temper be Effectually Cured in Ourselves, and In One Another?” Matthew Sylvester
  • “What Is the Duty of Magistrates, From the Highest to the Lowest, for the Suppressing of Profaneness?” Samuel Slater
  • “How May We Inquire After News, Not as Athenians, but as Christians, for the Better Management of Our Prayers and Praises for the Church of God,” Henry Hurst
  • “Wherein May We More Hopefully Attempt the Conversion of Younger People, than of Others?” Daniel Burgess
  • “What Repentance of Nation Sins Doth God Require, As Ever We Expect National Mercies?” Daniel Williams

Praise for the Print Edition

A most precious set, giving a magnificent cross-section of Puritan theology, at its practical, heart-warming best.

J.I. Packer

The best compilation of Puritan systematic theology ever written, but unfortunately is often overlooked in Puritan studies.

Dr. Joel Beeke, Meet the Puritans: With a Guide To Modern Reprints

Product Details

  • Title: Puritan Sermons 1659–1689 in Six Volumes, vol. 4
  • Publisher: James Nichols for Thomas Tegg
  • Publication Date: 1844
  • Pages: 616