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Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary

, 2010
ISBN: 9781846252273


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This resource offers accessible and easy-to-read commentary on the book of Ruth. In this commentary, you’ll find verse-by-verse analysis, introduction to the history and context of the book, and an overview of important themes and events.

The Book of Ruth is not the longest of the books of the Bible—it contains only four chapters of text. Yet its significance is immense. Ruth was a young woman from Moab, who came to be part of the covenant community of God’s people. Consequently, she is one of only a handful of women mentioned in the genealogy of Christ: she begins as a stranger to God’s people, and ends up as a mother of God’s Messiah.

This remarkable story is both an example and an illustration of how sinners like us can become partakers of God’s covenant salvation. In Ruth’s story, God’s grace worked in her life, bringing her from a place where she was far away from God, into an inheritance of covenant blessing. And just as she found her rest and satisfaction in her marriage to her redeemer, Boaz, so we find ours through union with the great Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. Read the story of Ruth—and let the power of God’s amazing grace grip your soul!

What’s more, with the Logos edition of Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary, you can access a wealth of information in the commentaries at the click of a mouse! Hovering over Scripture texts will display the Scripture reference from your favorite Bible translation, and all of your favorite maps, reference books, and Bible dictionaries are available at the click of a button.

  • Includes an introduction to the book
  • Chronological history of events
  • Guides for further reading and study
Iain Campbell demonstrates in a masterful way that the story of Ruth is the Old Testament in miniature. Another useful commentary that should be found in our bookcase—after it has been thoroughly enjoyed.


This little volume manages to combine the depth of a theologian, the clarity of a true expositor, the wisdom of a pastor, and the warmth of an evangelist in a way that belies its size. Iain D. Campbell opens up Ruth in a manner that makes it accessible and stimulating for readers from almost any background. Most of all, he shows us the gospel in the romance of Ruth and leads us to the greatest romance of all: our romance with Jesus!

—Mark Johnston, Grove Chapel, Camberwell

This book gets to the very heart of the book of Ruth . . . The Gospel in the book of Ruth comes alive through the pages of this book, providing the church of Christ with a much-needed resource for believers of all ages who desire to more fully know the height and depth of the love of Christ . . . This book rouses our hearts and lifts our eyes to look upon the faithful and loyal love of God for us His people.

—Burk Parsons, editor of Tabletalk magazine

  • Title: Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary
  • Author: Iain D. Campbell
  • Publisher: Day One
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 144

Dr. Iain D. Campbell is the pastor of a church on the Isle of Lewis. He trained for the ministry at the University of Glasgow and at the Free Church College Edinburgh. Campbell is the author of several other books published by Day One: On the First Day of the week: God, the Christian and the Sabbath, The Gospel according to Ruth, Opening up Exodus, Opening up Matthew, and Seven Wonders of the World.


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    Digital list price: $9.99
    Save $2.00 (20%)