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Bible Studies in Vital Christianity (32 vols.)


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These new Bible study materials were included in each of the following issues of Vital Christianity for several years thereafter. Each one of these Bible studies was written by a scholar, pastor, teacher, or leader in the church of God. Each writer loved the church of God and its message. And they strove to convey their love of the Word of God and the church of God in their writings. We are as excited now to republish these Bible studies in a new digital edition as we were to publish them originally in the Vital Christianity journal beginning in 1982. We believed these Bible studies would be a real blessing to those who read them back in 1982 and we believe they will continue to bless those who read and share them today.

In January of 1982, we introduced a number of changes to the Vital Christianity journal of the Church of God. These modifications included changes in the format, layout and design of the journal. We thought these changes were a step in the right direction. We also wanted to provide our readers with new Bible study materials. We endeavored to give strong doctrinal content that could be applied to every-day living in human experience. So new also to the January 1982 issue was the daily Bible Study especially planned for small groups and/or personal use.

Key Features

  • Includes daily reflections on Scripture passsages
  • Provides questions for discussion
  • Covers a wide range of texts and topics


  • Beginnings - Studies in Genesis 1-15
  • Studies in Ruth - God’s Loving-Kindness
  • Two Faithful Women - Studies in Ruth and Esther
  • Restoration and Remembrance? Studies in 2 Samuel
  • Studies in Ezra
  • A Rescue of the Perishing - Studies in Esther
  • Anguish, Trust, and Praise - A Study for the First Book of Psalms 1-41
  • Wisdom Skills for Living - Studies in Proverbs
  • Studies in Jeremiah - A Private and Public Relationship with God
  • A Voice for Justice - Studies in Amos
  • Studies in Habakkuk
  • Studies in Haggai
  • Studies in Malachi
  • Wonder and Beauty - Studies in Matthew
  • Drama of the Victor - Studies in Mark
  • A Clear Account - Studies in Luke
  • Brilliant Lamp of the Spirit - Studies in John
  • Studies on the Book of Acts
  • The Gospel for All Nations - Studies in Romans
  • Studies in 1 Corinthians
  • Studies in Galatians - Free in Christ
  • A New Life in Christ - Studies in Ephesians
  • Journey into Joy - Studies in Philippians
  • Studies in Colossians
  • Journey into Joy - Studies in Philippians
  • Studies in Colossians
  • Tenderness and Teaching Studies in 1 & 2 Thessalonians
  • The Pastoral Letters - 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon
  • You Will Win! Studies in 1 Peter
  • Then or Now? Studies in 2 Peter
  • Free from Sin - Studies in 1 John
  • Studies in Revelation


  • George Kufeldt
  • Joyce Butler
  • Charlene Hubbard
  • Kenneth E. Jones
  • Judith Lambert Hyre
  • Esther Cottrell
  • Judith Hyre
  • Richard L. Willowby
  • Kathleen Davey-Buehler
  • Gene Miller
  • Kenneth C. Tabor
  • Lois M. Saltsman
  • J. David Grubbs
  • Charles S. Ludwig
  • Oral Withrow
  • W. Dale Oldham
  • Fred Burnett,
  • Arlo F. Newell
  • Everett I. Carver
  • Keith E. Huttenlocker
  • James Earl Massey
  • Vernon Maddox

Product Details

  • Title: Bible Studies in Vital Christianity (32 vols.)
  • Editor: James L. Fleming
  • Series: Bible Studies in Vital Christianity
  • Publisher: James Fleming
  • Publication Date: 2017–2018
  • Pages: 1,401
  • Resource Type: Bible Studies
  • Topic: Biblical Studies

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Save $26.00 (34%)

Gathering interest