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The book of Acts tells the story of the church’s most important juncture with history. In spite of rejections of the Messiah, God’s unconditional promises are in the process of realization in Luke’s account of salvation history. Luke’s story narrates and thereby interprets the fulfillment of conditional and unconditional promises in history and narrates the responses of believers and unbelievers. By interpreting the church’s course on its way from Jerusalem to Rome as the story of divine fulfillment, Luke gave encouragement and consolation in the face of perceived threats or real danger arising from conflicts with irate Jews, pagan neighbors, and Roman authorities.

The central importance of the book of Acts in the New Testament canon has made it the subject of much discussion, debate, and interpretation throughout the church’s history. In this volume, Gerhard A. Krodel outlines the history of interpretation of Acts and offers thoughtful and comprehensive commentary and exegesis for the entire book. This commentary includes a length introduction, an outline, a comprehensive bibliography, and reference maps.

Key Features

  • Discussion of historical issues, such as authorship, dating, and location
  • Textual and literary notes
  • Bibliographies and suggestions for further reading and study
  • Scripture references linked to your Greek New Testament or English translation

Praise for the Print Edition

Krodel has already written a commentary on Acts for the Proclamation Commentaries, but this one is much more substantial. Since the Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament series is written for “laypeople, students, and pastors,” Krodel gives little attention here to technical matters, other scholarship, or alternative interpretations. He alternates between exposition of Luke’s message, into which he weaves the (boldfaced) words of the passage (following the RSV), and historical-critical analysis of the text, occasionally adding homiletical comments. The result is, as commentaries go, refreshingly readable.

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Product Details

  • Title: Acts
  • Author: Gerhard Krodel
  • Editors: Roy A. Harrisville, Jack Dean Kingsbury, and Gerhard A. Krodel
  • Publisher: Augsburg
  • Series: Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament
  • Publication Date: 1986
  • Pages: 527

About Dr. Gerhard Krodel

Dr. Gerhard Krodel has been dean of Gettysburg Seminary and professor of New Testament since 1977. His professional education took place at the Universities of Erlangen and Tübingen. He also attended Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and took courses at Union Theological Seminary, New York. He served as pastor, taught classical languages at Capital University, and was professor of New Testament at Wartburg Theological Seminary and at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He has served on the Commission on Faith and Order of the National Council of Churches and on its Executive Committee, on the Task Force on Theology of the New Lutheran Church, and, since 1978, on the International Orthodox-Lutheran Dialog. He is the editor of Proclamation Commentaries.

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