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The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered
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The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered


Robert Carter & Brothers, A. Davidson 1859

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Robert J. Breckinridge: Presbyterian minister, politician, author, abolitionist, and champion of education. Known as the "father of the Kentucky public school system" for increasing the number of children in school ten-fold during his tenure as superintendent of public education, and for his staunch support for the Union and President Lincoln during the Civil War (unpopular in his native Kentucky), Breckinridge was a man who blazed his own trail despite the difficult obstacles that stood in his way.

Robert J. Breckinridge's first volume of systematic theology, The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered, is divided into five parts:

  • Book One: Man
  • Book Two: The Mediator
  • Book Three: God
  • Book Four: Sources of Knowledge
  • Book Five: Sum and Result

The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered contains Breckinridge's rich prose and fiery passion. With the Logos Bible Software edition all Scripture passages in The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered are tagged and appear on mouse-over. This makes this resource more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of "Trinity" or "Holy Ghost."

Key Features

  • Argument for each book
  • Includes an index
  • All Scripture references are linked to original language texts and English translations

Praise for the Print Edition

Breckinridge has presented the ancient truths of salvation with a freshness, an unction, and a power which vindicate to them the real character of a Gospel.

—James Henry Thornwell

Product Details

  • Title: The Knowledge of God, Objectively Considered
  • Author: Robert J. Breckinridge
  • Publisher: Robert Carter and Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1859
  • Pages: 530

About Robert J. Breckinridge

Robert J. Breckinridge, (1800–1871) grandfather of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, was a politician, Presbyterian minister, author, abolitionist, and champion of education. Ordained in 1832, Breckinridge pastored the Second Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, Maryland before accepting the position of President of Jefferson College in 1845. Soon after, Breckinridge would return to his native Kentucky as a pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Lexington and as Superintendent of Public Education. Under his guidance, attendance increased ten-fold. As the civil war unfolded, Breckinridge was an outspoken abolitionist and supporter of the Union, a position not popular in his home state of Kentucky.