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The Way of Prayer
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The Way of Prayer


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: WHEN one views another man’s work, it is always helpful to know what the workman was trying to do. I have tried to write a simple non-technical book. The subject of prayer dips down into deep problems at every step. Yet a discussion reaching into these phases of prayer would be dry and unedifying to the average reader. An effort has been made to avoid this technical treatment by expounding my views on the basis of Scripture texts. In doing so, I have sometimes used these texts as illustrations of what I believe to be the spiritual truth involved. I have not sought to prove the things here set down, as the teaching of this book is quite beyond controversy among all evangelical Christians. We do not have to ask whether these things are true. We all believe them. We ask rather, “How can these things be?”—Charles Ewing Brown


  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Burning Bush
  • A Bar to Friendship
  • The Discouraged Diplomats
  • The Mirror of God
  • God's Heart Unveiled
  • Opening Channels for God
  • Pitchers and Lamps
  • Represented by Counsel
  • Timbrels and Harps
  • Studying the Architect's Pattern

Product Details

  • Title: The Way of Prayer
  • Author: Charles E. Brown
  • Publisher: Warner Press
  • Publication Date: 1940
  • Pages: 192

About Charles E. Brown

Charles E. Brown was a lecturer in Christian Doctrine at Anderson College and Theological Seminary. He also authored Can We Talk with the Dead?, Christian Science Unmasked, and Reds and Religion.

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