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A New Approach to Christian Unity
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A New Approach to Christian Unity


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Introduction: We are therefore able to say with assurance that modern science has not even remotely touched nor injured the great religious truths of man’s spiritual relation to God. But it has tended to create a new attitude toward the business and social problems of the church. Science has done this in two ways: it has suggested that the business, i.e. the material business of the church, be conducted more expeditiously, economically, and efficiently; and by the examples of its own success in other fields it has encouraged the church to believe that by the use of a right method difficult and hitherto impossible things may be accomplished regardless of the fact that they have been unsuccessfully attempted time out of mind. Working in the dispassionate and unprejudiced light of a progressive and achieving age men of the church are beginning to believe that somehow the problem of her disunity can be solved.


  • Do We Have Unity?
  • Spiritual Unity Not an Excuse for Division
  • How Divisions Arose
  • Do We Want Christian Unity?
  • Do We Need Christian Unity?
  • Can We Have Christian Unity?
  • Some Old Methods
  • the Modern Way
  • the Fundamental Basis of Christian Unity—The Essential Nature of the Church
  • Ancient Precedent
  • Spiritual Disarmament
  • Spiritual Demobilization

Product Details

  • Title: A New Approach to Christian Unity
  • Author: Charles E. Brown
  • Publisher: Warner Press
  • Publication Date: 1931
  • Pages: 205

About Charles E. Brown

Charles E. Brown is also the author of Can We Talk with the Dead?, Christian Science Unmasked, and Reds and Religion.

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