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God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes
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God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes

by ,

B. Herder 1911

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One of theology’s central tasks lies in answering the question: “Who is God, and how can human beings know God?”

This volume introduces readers to the doctrine of God and the process of discerning God’s nature and essence. Joseph Pohle searches Scripture and tradition to discern the nature and being of God, and our ability to know God. He describes God’s attributes—including absoluteness, immutability, eternality, and omnipresence—along with his unity and simplicity. God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes also contains chapters on God’s will possibility for individuals to discern it.

Key Features

  • Detailed footnotes and bibliographical material
  • Contains a detailed topical index

Product Details

  • Title: God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes
  • Author: Joseph Pohle
  • Publisher: B. Herder
  • Publication Date: 1911
  • Pages: 479

About Joseph Pohle

Joseph Pohle (1852–1922) studied in Trier, Rome, and was ordained as a priest in 1878. He served as a professor in Baar, Switzerland from 1881 to 1883, as professor at St. Joseph’s College in Leeds, England from 1883 to 1886, and as professor of philosophy in Fulda from 1886 to 1889. In 1889, he moved to America to teach at the newly-founded Catholic University. Pohle returned to Europe in 1894, teaching at Münster and then Breslau, where he served as professor of dogma, and wrote his Dogmatic Theology. He was also a frequent contributor to the Catholic Encyclopedia.