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The book of Daniel clearly reveals the triumphant story of believers who were faithful to God. The inspiration of studying the lives of believers who successfully followed God is itself a sufficient reason for studying the book of Daniel. Yet, this book also has strong prophetic components that aids in understanding many other prophetic portions of Scripture. Since Biblical prophecy is such a debatable subject, a word about the approach taken in this book to the prophetic passages of Daniel seems in order.

Even though the writer has strong personal commitments to one of the millennial positions, he has not made any attempt to argue for the correctness of his own specific interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel. This approach was taken so that all views could be briefly treated. The reader will need to diligently study the A-, Post-, and Premillennial viewpoints before he will feel satisfied about which of these views is fundamentally correct and, therefore, the one he should personally accept.

Product Details

  • Title: Daniel
  • Author: Douglas J. Simpson
  • Series: Clear Study Series
  • Publisher: Randall House
  • Publication Date: 1977
  • Pages: 116

About Dr. Douglas J. Simpson

Dr. Douglas J. Simpson is uniquely qualified to write this analytical study of the Book of Daniel. He earned the B.A. degree from Free Will Baptist Bible College, Nashville, Tennessee, in 1962; the M.A. and Ph. D. from Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina in 1963, 1965; the M. Ed., from Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1967; and, another Ph. D. at the University of Oklahoma in 1970. Dr. Simpson's graduate concentrations were about equally divided in the areas of the history and philosophy.

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