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Unraveling Revelation

by Bridwell, A. Q.

James L. Fleming 2005

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Unraveling Revelation See inside
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From the Introduction: I have felt for some time that there should be a small booklet that would explain a few chapters of Revelation, a booklet that would create a desire in the minds of people to know more about this last book of prophecy.

Now, with a feeling of great responsibility, I undertake to unravel a few chapters of Revelation, showing some of the hidden mysteries that are brought to light both in history and prophecy.—A. Q. Bridwell


  • A Book of Symbols
  • Woman—Rev. 12:1
  • Christ is the Bridegroom
  • The Church is a Divine Organization
  • The Name of the Church
  • What is the Name of the Local Congregations?
  • The Man Child
  • The Red Dragon (Rev. 12:3)
  • Binding and Loosing the Dragon
  • The Prohibition of Pagan Cults
  • When is the Reign of Christ?
  • When Does the Resurrection Take Place?
  • Literal Resurrection of the Dead at Christ's Second Coming
  • Christ's Reign is This Side of the Resurrection
  • Unraveling Chapter 13
  • The Seventeenth Chapter of Revelation
  • Unraveling Chapter Eleven
  • The Two Witnesses
  • War in Heaven
  • The War (Continued)
  • Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs

Product Details

  • Title: Unraveling Revelation
  • Author: A. Q. Bridwell
  • Publisher: Faith Publishing House
  • Pages: 34