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Toward Understanding Thessalonians
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Toward Understanding Thessalonians


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: Part I of the present volume is an attempt to reconstruct the general features of the background of Paul’s communications to the church at Thessalonica, to ascertain the character of the first readers, and to see clearly the purpose which the Apostle and his co-workers had in mind when they wrote.

Part II is an exegetical translation of First and Second Thessalonians. As in my previous books, I have followed the Greek text edited by Professor Eberhard Nestle, fourth edition, 1904 (London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1934). In the translation I have used brackets to enclose words inserted in an effort to convey deeper meanings implied by the Greek vocabulary and sentence structure.

Part III is a terse commentary based on the Greek text of First and Second Thessalonians. No attempt was made to be exhaustive, but rather to discuss terms or passages which I felt might be of special interest to a wide range of readers.

This volume is sent forth in the hope that pastors, students, church school teachers, and other Christian workers will find it to be a helpful guide toward a better understanding of two of the most vital epistles in the Pauline corpus.—Boyce W. Blackwelder


  • Part I: Introduction
    1. The City of Thessalonica
    2. Paul's Visit to Thessalonica
    3. The Church at Thessalonica
    4. First Thessalonians
    5. Second Thessalonians
  • Part II: An Exegetical Translation
    1. First Thessalonians
    2. Second Thessalonians
  • Part III: Commentary
    1. First Thessalonians
    2. Second Thessalonians

Product Details

  • Title: Toward Understanding Thessalonians
  • Author: Boyce W. Blackwelder
  • Publisher: Warner Press
  • Publication Date: 1965

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