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Toward Understanding Romans
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Toward Understanding Romans


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is without doubt the most important theological document ever written. It is not only the longest but also the most systematic and comprehensive presentation of the Apostle’s thought which has come down to us.

Romans has formed the background of the great historic statements of Christian doctrine, and all serious theologians of the present day realize its significance as a delineation of the New Testament message. Although the literature on Romans is already vast, the Epistle is so challenging and inexhaustible that every effort given to its interpretation is fruitful.

Several years ago I was requested by the editorial department of Warner Press to prepare a translation of Romans, using reasonable freedom in bringing out the implications of the Greek vocabulary and syntax. The original plan was to publish the rendition chapter by chapter in the Gospel Trumpet. However, as the work progressed, we thought it might be more helpful to readers if we combined with the translation a brief introduction to the Epistle and presented the material in book form.—Boyce W. Blackwelder


  • Ancient Rome
  • The Church at Rome
  • The Epistle to the Romans
  • Integrity and Contents of Romans
  • To the Romans

Product Details

  • Title: Toward Understanding Romans
  • Author: Boyce W. Blackwelder
  • Publisher: Warner Press
  • Publication Date: 1962
  • Pages: 96

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